5 Spectacular Pool Renovations to Make Your Pool Feel New

5 Spectacular Pool Renovations to Make Your Pool Feel New

5 Spectacular Pool Renovations to Make Your Pool Feel New

You don’t have to completely replace your pool to breathe life back into an older pool. There are a few key swimming pool renovations you can complete to make your pool look and feel brand new again.

Bring Your Aging Pool Back to Life With These Swimming Pool Renovations

Custom features are a great way to add personality and style to your backyard pool. You can create ambiance, add functionality, or enhance your overall swimming experience. Get started with the following 5 pool renovations.

1) Tile

Tile not only looks amazing, but also comes with some other, more subtle benefits. It hides many of the issues inherent with gunite pools. It will effectively disguise the “bathtub ring” line of scum on the pool’s surface due to fluctuating water levels. New tile givers your entire backyard a new, fresh look.

2) Decking

Replace the decking around your pool for a dramatic effect not only around your pool, but for your entire backyard. Renovating your deck also makes way to replacing your pool coping, another renovation to consider. If you’re not wanting to completely replace your deck, consider adding a pool deck coating to your existing deck for a temporary, but beautiful finish.

3) Coping

Coping prevents water from getting behind the pool shell and covers the steel support beams. If you’re going to replace your tiling, it’s best to replace the coping at the same time since removal of existing coping can cause tiles to fall. Vinyl swimming pools can now use stone or brick coping. You can choose from a variety of materials such as precast concrete, natural stone, or tile. Fresh coping alongside new tile makes a huge transformative difference to the look and feel of your pool.

4) Waterfalls/Fountains

Moving water, whether fast or slow, always provides a calming effect. People love to look and listen to water features. The sound and sight of a waterfall or fountain adds uniqueness and ambiance to your backyard pool experience. Kids love to play in small pool fountains known as bubblers. Build these water features into many different areas in your design such as small retaining walls, a pile of boulders, or other places. These features can be customized to fit almost any style or preference.

5) Plaster

Your plaster will begin to show signs of wear such as mineral stains or patches of gunite showing through with time. This is a perfect time to replaster your pool. New plaster will make swimming more comfortable and free from abrasive surfaces that might scratch you or snag swimwear. Plaster is essential to your pool foundation and appearance. Don’t wait to replace, but take action as soon as you notice a problem.

Unleash Your Pool’s Full Potential

Your pool can truly be your own personal backyard oasis with a few renovations. Even if it’s older, you can breathe new life into it and transform the look and feel of your entire backyard. Use this guide to pool renovations to get started.

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3 Essential Swimming Pool Upgrades

3 Essential Swimming Pool Upgrades

A backyard pool provides endless hours of fun and relaxation for the entire family. It’s great for hosting parties, getting exercise, and simply relaxing after a long day at work. Why not make it easier and better for you in the process?

Swimming Pool Upgrades to Save You Time, Money, and Energy

There are countless upgrades you can choose from to improve functionality, aesthetics, and to make it easier. Consider these 3 essential custom pool upgrades to make your pool use more efficient and more convenient:

1) Automation System with Internet Connection

Install an automation system and eliminate frequent trips to your equipment pad. Program your water temperature, pool pump, lights, jet, etc with a remote attached to the pad itself. Add the benefit of internet connectivity to control your automation system from a computer or smartphone wherever you are. Imagine setting your water temperature and getting the spa jets going as you leave home from work and coming home to perfect relaxation in your backyard pool.

2) Energy Efficient Equipment

This particular upgrade is extremely valuable and environmentally responsible. Consider a multi-speed “smart” pump to cut your electrical costs by up to 90%. These pumps typically pay for themselves within the first year of usage. Install LED pool lights to cut your energy consumption by up to 86% while providing brighter lighting. You can also opt for eco-friendly cartridge filters to eliminate your need to backwash and discharge water and chemicals from the pool.

3) Automatic Pool Cover

This simple and convenient upgrade features one-button operation for ease of daily use. It’s safer to keep your pool covered when not in use because it prevents accidental drowning of pets and small children. It also keeps your pool cleaner and free of debris. It prevents evaporation and helps maintain your pool temperature. You are much more likely to keep your pool covered when not in use with an automatic cover than one that requires manual operation.

Swim With Ease, Swim in Style

There’s nothing like making a fun, relaxing activity more convenient and efficient. Your backyard pool is a source of endless entertainment and relaxation. Consider kicking it up a notch with these 3 essential swimming pool upgrades.

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What to Expect During Your New Pool Construction

What to Expect During Your New Pool Construction

Considering a new pool install, but not sure what the process will be like? The fall and winter months are a great time to get started on a new pool to make sure you’ll have it ready when the temperatures start to rise again. It’s also a slower time in construction, so builders typically can give your project special added attention.

New Pool Construction: From Hole in the Ground to Your Backyard Oasis

You can picture it in your head and dream about it often. Water splashing, children laughing, and you and your spouse relaxing in your very own custom backyard pool. You can almost feel the water on your skin and the sun on your face. You can’t wait! You’re aware it will take some time and work to get there. You’re also aware your backyard is going to look a lot worse before it looks awesome. Familiarize yourself with the building process with the following guide:

1) Excavation

The first step will be to remove any trees that could interfere with the pool’s placement. Then the shape of the pool will be painted and staked out in your yard. Then the builder will bring in excavators or front-loaders to dig out your pool. This part will only take a few hours. They’ll give you the option to keep the dirt or have it transported off your property. When this phase is finished, they’ll often install a gravel drainage bed at the bottom of the pool. Your backyard will look like a messy construction site throughout this phase of installation.

2) Structural Support

This is the first phase of actual construction. The builders reinforce the hole with steel rebar. This serves as the pool’s skeleton, providing structural support for the pool’s shell. The rebar is bent around the surfaces of the steps and walls following the dig.

3) Plumbing and Electrical

PVC pipe is installed during this phase and run to the location of the mechanical equipment. The lines installed will include the skimmers, main drain, water features, and any other mechanical lines included in your contract. The piping is left pressurized and tested before gunite is placed to prevent leaks. The electricians will connect bonding wire to the shell of the pool and install all lighting niches into the pool’s wall. The break box or sub panel will also be installed at the location where the pool pump, filter, and heater will be placed.

4) Gunite

If you miss most of the construction process, don’t miss this day because this is when it finally starts looking like a swimming pool. Gunite, or concrete shot out of a high velocity air gun, is pumped behind and over the steel rebar.  Finishers then carve and sculpt the gunite using trowels to form the precise shape of your pool. It will take the gunite several weeks of drying before it’s ready for the plaster. Be careful to remove all debris and large amounts of rain from the pool during these weeks.Watch the gunite for cracks to form. Small ones in the surface are ok, but large cracks or areas that crumbling should be reported back to your builder.

5) Lining and Coping Stones

While the gunite cures, the perimeter tile and pool wall capstones will be placed. The perimeter pool tile provide you an easy-to-clean surface at water level. The coping stones serve as safety grips on the inside of the pool while providing better drainage away from the pool.

6) Plaster

This is the final phase of your pool construction. The plaster serves as a waterproof layer to protect the pool shell and steel while providing a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. With a crew of 4 or 5, this phase can be completed in 3 or 4 hours. This crew will typically start the pool filling with water as they leave. Add as many extra hoses as possible, as it’s best to fill the pool as quickly as you can. They’ll also leave you with pool start-up and care instructions.

7) Pool Startup

All last minute clean up and equipment installations should take place before starting the pool up. Your builder will come to do the initial startup, equipment operation, and chemical balancing. Your pool chemistry will likely fluctuate and will require daily checks and rebalancing until it stabilizes. Your builder will also walk you through all pool and equipment operation. Take a video of this demonstration so you can watch it again later as needed. You’ll be glad you did.

Before You Dive In, Don’t Forget…

  1. Obtain all necessary permits and permissions before construction begins. Work with your builder to make sure nothing is missed.
  2. Most companies will do their best to anticipate any foreseeable delays when estimating final installation, but it’s simply not possible to foresee them all. Keep this in mind and be as flexible and accommodating as you can.
  3. If your backyard is fenced, a fairly large portion of the fence will likely need to be removed for access unless you have a large enough gate. Be sure to get clear communication from your builder concerning who will take the fence down and put it back up. Most professional pool installation companies will do this for you.

You’ll Be Swimming in Style in No Time

You can see your own backyard oasis, you know what to expect, and now it’s time to get started! Begin your new pool construction now to ensure it will be ready for you and your family when the temperatures start to rise again. Starting now will ensure you have plenty of time to accommodate any delays that may come. Start now and swim in style by the summertime.

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How to Build an Incredible Outdoor Living Space Around Your New Pool

How to Build an Incredible Outdoor Living Space Around Your New Pool

Installing a backyard pool is just the first step to creating your own backyard getaway. Let your imagination run wild with possibilities to enhance this essential outdoor living space.

Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space Getaway

After working long and hard all week, you need a place to escape and unwind. Imagine being able to simply step into your backyard and leave the stress and worries of your week behind you. Step into your own pool, enjoy your beverage of choice, or simply relax in the beautiful space you create. The following 7 tips will put you well on your way to transforming your backyard design to a personal oasis.

1) Go Green

When choosing the plants around your pool area, consider factors that impact usage, enjoyment, and environmental impact. Evaluate the ease of maintenance, safety, the design of your home, current landscaping, your climate, variety, color, and texture of plants. There are unlimited options to fit any budget and lifestyle.

2) Kick Back And Relax

Consider installing a sun deck around your pool perimeter. This sets the stage for ultimate poolside fun and relaxation. Combining style and functionality, It’s perfect for cooling off and unwinding after swimming. Give your deck the feel of a luxurious spa or resort with rows of chaise lounges to rest, enjoy the sun, or read in. You can even add a shallow, in-pool sun deck for tanning and lounging in the water.

3) Take Cover

A covered patio will provide a shaded place to lay out near the pool. This option is optimal for pools located a little further from the house. You can choose from dozens of design options including wooden pergolas, curtained cabana-style, and more. This is the perfect place to entertain guests. Mix it up with wooden beams and vines forming the covering.

4) Turn Up The Heat

Install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to add light, warmth, and excitement to your evening pool parties. This adds a stunning visual focal point to your poolside area. The heating element allows you to use your backyard year-round instead of only in the spring and summer months. The ambiance of the fire will put people at ease and provide an ideal environment for conversation and contentment. Some fire pits also double as grills for poolside cooking.

5) Fine Dining

Create an outdoor fine dining experience nearby. Install an outdoor dining table with comfortable chairs facing the pool area and poolside landscaping. This space is optimal for solo lounging, romantic meals, or outdoor family game nights. It’s also optimal for hosting a summer dinner party. Replace the large dining room table with a smaller table to convert it into an outdoor living room.

6) Light It Up

Adequate lighting in your pool area is essential for many reasons. It’s a key factor in nighttime pool safety and a simple, inexpensive way to give your pool personality and ambiance at night. Line the perimeter of your pool with bollards or pathway lights. Surround your pool with candles or LED lit lanterns to enhance your evening swims with decorative light. String lights are another great option for providing light to your entire pool area.

7) Don’t Stop The Music

An outdoor stereo system is a must for any serious pool activities. It adds a personal touch to any gathering and can create different atmospheres to accommodate every setting. Liven up your kid’s birthday parties, lively summer parties, or a romantic poolside evening. Play soft music while you spend a quiet afternoon reading by the pool. Music makes everything better.

Turn Your Backyard Into Your Personal Oasis

Everyone needs a way to relax and unwind frequently. Whether for stress management or simple rejuvenation, it’s essential to giving your consistent best to work, family, and friends. Turn your backyard into your personal oasis with this guide to enhancing the outdoor living space around your backyard pool.

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7 Must-Have Pool Features that Your Kids Will Love

7 Must-Have Pool Features that Your Kids Will Love

Kids love swimming pools. This is one of the undisputed universal facts of life. A swimming pool provides countless hours of fun, imagination, and laughter. Enhancing your pool with exciting features will boost their enjoyment off the charts.

Whimsical Pool Features for Your Kids

Create a whimsical, exciting backyard pool experience for your kids, their friends, and other family members. With custom features, you can make it as unique and original as you can imagine, and your kids will love you all the more for it. Create your kids’ dream pool with these 7 must-have pool features.

1) Raised walls

One of the things kids love most about swimming is simply jumping in. Giving your pool raised walls makes the perfect place for jumping in and executing perfect cannonballs.

2) Waterfalls

Waterfalls add a natural look to your pool with an inherent “wow factor.” This relaxing touch to your backyard will double as a source of excitement and wonder for your kids. It doesn’t matter how big or small the waterfall is, kids love the falling water. Add a cave for privacy and your kids can use it as a clubhouse or base for water games.

3) Waterslides

What kid doesn’t love sliding down a waterslide? Adding this fun feature to the deep end of your pool unlocks countless hours of laughter and excitement for your kids. It can be any shape or design you like from spiral to straight and anything between. It’s important to make sure it meets all safety standards.

4) Fountain bubblers

Shoot streams of bubbling water up out of the surface to add a little life to your pool. You can put them over shallow surfaces such as your pool steps or even create a splash pad for endless hours of fun for small children.

5) Jet streams

Shoot clear streams of water into your pool from a wall or other high place. You can add illuminating fiber optics to increase the fun factor at night. Kids love playing in jet streams.

6) Diving board

Nothing can ever replace the classic diving board. Your kids can enjoy learning how to dive, jump, and turn flips. There’s always a line at the ol’ diving board in just about every pool.

7) Basketball hoop

Install a basketball hoop designed specifically for aquatic use and kids of all ages will enjoy shooting hoops in the water. Even grown-up kids otherwise known as men. Pair this with a diving board and the fun never ends. Your kids can invite family and friends over for a game of ball in the pool.  

A Place for the Whole Family to Enjoy

The backyard is a place to relax, unwind, and have fun. It’s a place to entertain guests and make family memories. Make your backyard pool the talk of the neighborhood with these 7 must-have pool features.

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