Enhance Your Pool With These Incredible Hardscape Elements

Enhance Your Pool With These Incredible Hardscape Elements

Enhance Your Pool With These Incredible Hardscape Elements

Hardscape elements can enhance and beautify your pool.  The requirements of hardscape for a pool are slightly different that those of a backyard with no pool.  It’s important to think about safety and style. A beautiful surface that becomes slippery when wet could be a disaster!  

Hardscape Elements: Weigh Your Options

Pools usually take the spotlight in a backyard, but hardscape and landscape are equally important.  If your pool is a portrait, those elements are the frame.The hardscape around your pool should match the style of your home. There are many options for custom features to set your pool apart from the rest!

1) Concrete

Concrete makes a smooth surround with clean lines. It’s available in a variety of colors besides the familiar light grey. It’s very low maintenance and doesn’t get too hot in the summer. Think about adding a bit of grit or small pebbles to add traction.  If you’re not in an area that gets much rain, smooth concrete should be fine.

2) Wood

Decks constructed of wood can add a unique and luxurious touch to your pool hardscape. It has a spa-like feel and can really pop next to a modern home.  It adds a natural feel and provides seamless flow from pool to landscape. Unlike concrete, wood require significantly more maintenance. But its impact is undeniable!

3) Brick

Bricks are great for giving your space an old world feel. It’s not an element you see very much around pools, but creates a striking contrast. The cost of installation is higher than most, but will last for years to come. Be sure not to let moss grow too close to the pool, as it can pose a risk.

4) Stone

Stone is a natural material for patios and paths, and has enough texture to make it slip-resistant. Like wood it enhances landscaping and architectural features. Many types are available, and prices are often determined by what’s offered in your region. You could really get creative with this option!

5) Waterfall

A waterfall provides the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water. They add a touch of luxury to your pool, but are also great for blocking the sounds of neighbors or traffic. You can opt for natural-looking artificial or real stone, or can go sleek and modern. Let your creativity take the reigns! They add cohesion to free-form pools, and visual interest to more standard shapes.

6) Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy consists of heat, buoyancy, and massage. There is nothing more relaxing after a long day than unwinding in a hot tub oasis. Hot tub hydrotherapy also provides physical health benefits that go deeper than just relaxation and pleasure. Add on to your pool with a luxurious hot tub designed to look like it was always there. This can also be your opportunity to add a waterfall flowing from the hot tub into the pool.  

Outdoor Oasis

Your backyard is your escape and oasis from the world.  Adding unique hardscape elements in harmony with your pool and landscaping creates a stunning sight to ease your tension and relax your mind. Give yourself the best escape after those long, hard days at work. 

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3 Winter Goals to Help Maximize Your Summer Space

3 Winter Goals to Help Maximize Your Summer Space

2018 has arrived and with it, the opportunity to set new goals for the New Year!  Although spring and summer seem a world away, they will arrive before you know it.   A little preparation now will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in the coming months.

Your Winter Goals

Whether your backyard is the neighborhood entertainment destination or a tranquil oasis,  now is the time to create the space you’ve always dreamed of.   By working towards a few goals now, you’ll have your perfect space by the time summer rolls in!

1. Take Inventory.

While it may seem odd to buy pool supplies in the winter months, it’s often when you can find the best deals on equipment, games and accessories. Make an inventory of all the most frequently used items from last summer and think about stocking up on replacements over the next couple of months.  

2. Make Necessary Repairs & Improvements.

Late winter, when you aren’t using your pool anyway, is a great time to address repairs and improvements.   Whether your pool needs small repairs, such as cosmetic cracks, or large repairs like complete resurfacing, don’t wait until peak season to address these issues. It’s also a good time to think about adding the features you’ve been wanting, such as a waterfall, slide or updated deck.

3. Design Your Outdoor Living Space.

While a pool is a fantastic way to beat the heat and provide entertainment for friends and family, creating a cohesive design around it can elevate your outdoor space tremendously. From luxurious outdoor kitchens to beautiful and inviting landscaping, now is the time to implement the plans you’ve been making, or to talk to a professional about how to maximize your space!

Setting Goals Now for Future Enjoyment

Setting goals now will allow you to build your dream backyard without feeling rushed.  Whether you’re building a brand new outdoor space or improving on an existing  one, starting early and planning ahead will set you up for success in the future!

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How to Build an Incredible Outdoor Living Space Around Your New Pool

How to Build an Incredible Outdoor Living Space Around Your New Pool

Installing a backyard pool is just the first step to creating your own backyard getaway. Let your imagination run wild with possibilities to enhance this essential outdoor living space.

Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space Getaway

After working long and hard all week, you need a place to escape and unwind. Imagine being able to simply step into your backyard and leave the stress and worries of your week behind you. Step into your own pool, enjoy your beverage of choice, or simply relax in the beautiful space you create. The following 7 tips will put you well on your way to transforming your backyard design to a personal oasis.

1) Go Green

When choosing the plants around your pool area, consider factors that impact usage, enjoyment, and environmental impact. Evaluate the ease of maintenance, safety, the design of your home, current landscaping, your climate, variety, color, and texture of plants. There are unlimited options to fit any budget and lifestyle.

2) Kick Back And Relax

Consider installing a sun deck around your pool perimeter. This sets the stage for ultimate poolside fun and relaxation. Combining style and functionality, It’s perfect for cooling off and unwinding after swimming. Give your deck the feel of a luxurious spa or resort with rows of chaise lounges to rest, enjoy the sun, or read in. You can even add a shallow, in-pool sun deck for tanning and lounging in the water.

3) Take Cover

A covered patio will provide a shaded place to lay out near the pool. This option is optimal for pools located a little further from the house. You can choose from dozens of design options including wooden pergolas, curtained cabana-style, and more. This is the perfect place to entertain guests. Mix it up with wooden beams and vines forming the covering.

4) Turn Up The Heat

Install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit to add light, warmth, and excitement to your evening pool parties. This adds a stunning visual focal point to your poolside area. The heating element allows you to use your backyard year-round instead of only in the spring and summer months. The ambiance of the fire will put people at ease and provide an ideal environment for conversation and contentment. Some fire pits also double as grills for poolside cooking.

5) Fine Dining

Create an outdoor fine dining experience nearby. Install an outdoor dining table with comfortable chairs facing the pool area and poolside landscaping. This space is optimal for solo lounging, romantic meals, or outdoor family game nights. It’s also optimal for hosting a summer dinner party. Replace the large dining room table with a smaller table to convert it into an outdoor living room.

6) Light It Up

Adequate lighting in your pool area is essential for many reasons. It’s a key factor in nighttime pool safety and a simple, inexpensive way to give your pool personality and ambiance at night. Line the perimeter of your pool with bollards or pathway lights. Surround your pool with candles or LED lit lanterns to enhance your evening swims with decorative light. String lights are another great option for providing light to your entire pool area.

7) Don’t Stop The Music

An outdoor stereo system is a must for any serious pool activities. It adds a personal touch to any gathering and can create different atmospheres to accommodate every setting. Liven up your kid’s birthday parties, lively summer parties, or a romantic poolside evening. Play soft music while you spend a quiet afternoon reading by the pool. Music makes everything better.

Turn Your Backyard Into Your Personal Oasis

Everyone needs a way to relax and unwind frequently. Whether for stress management or simple rejuvenation, it’s essential to giving your consistent best to work, family, and friends. Turn your backyard into your personal oasis with this guide to enhancing the outdoor living space around your backyard pool.

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How to Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis

How to Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis

You work long and hard all week, burning the midnight oil more often than you’d like to think. When you come home, you’re tired and ready to relax. Enhance your backyard with your own personal oasis experience.

3 Steps to Your Own Backyard Oasis

Turn your backyard into a small sliver of paradise to entertain your guests and enjoy your ultimate fun and relaxation after a long work week. Create an experience people will talk about and want to return to experience again. Get started with the following three steps:

1) Outdoor Living

Create the perfect outdoor experience with custom driveways, entries, and walkways. Add a covered deck or patio with an outdoor kitchen to add that extra wow factor. Imagine entertaining your guests in your own outdoor living room complete with a bar and fireplace. And top of the experience with elegant landscaping featuring a pond, stream, or fountains.

2) All About Your Pool

You really can’t talk about a backyard oasis without installing a custom pool or spa. Choose from a wide assortment of freeform and geometric pool designs. Add a classy inground spa to your pool for year-round relaxation and fun.

3) Customize Your Experience

Your pool is the central feature of your personal backyard oasis. Make your backyard stand out with customized features to give it that extra pop. Consider adding a waterfall, slide, bubblers, deck jets, scuppers, bridges and more to your custom pool. Light up your evenings with elegant fire features to add warmth and wonder.

Paradise in Your Backyard

Turn your backyard into the ultimate experience in fun and relaxation. Install a pool and other fun and calming features. Customize the experience and make it classy. Get started with this guide to creating the perfect backyard oasis.

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