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What do kids like more than a private swimming pool in the backyard? Playing swimming pool games, of course! Whether it’s a made-up game or one with predetermined rules, kids love playing in the pool on a hot day.

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Playing in the Pool

For a more structured playtime, encourage your kids to try playing a game while they swim. Not only will this encourage their enjoyment and usage of your swimming pool, but depending on the game choice, you may be able to sneak some education into their playtime! Here are a few popular pool games your kids are sure to love:

  1. Bucket race
  2. Balloon boat race
  3. Underwater obstacle course
  4. Treasure hunt
  5. Push relay

1) Bucket Race

Sink two buckets in the pool, toss in some sinking pool toys, and have the kids try to fill their team’s bucket first. Who’s going to win?

For a couple of variations on this game, try floating buckets instead so your kids have to surface frequently during the game. If you prefer an educational twist, use balls with numbers written on them and have the kids add up their score afterward. Whoever has the most points wins!

2) Balloon Boat Race

Buy or build a few little balloon boats and have your kids race them across the pool. Try stirring up the water first or, if you prefer not to race, see if you can get the boats to glide in circles in the pool water. These tiny little toys are sure to entertain and delight!

3) Underwater Obstacle Course

With a few hula hoops, set up an underwater obstacle course for your kids to swim through. Tie some string to the hoops and weigh them down to keep them underwater. For a real challenge, vary the lengths of each string so your hoops float at different heights.

4) Treasure Hunt

Toss some change into the pool, set a timer, and let your kids scoop up as much as possible! This is a great way to get rid of the excess change we always seem to have, as well as give the kids a chance to practice math by counting their winnings. Just make sure none of the coins get stuck in a pool drain or they may cause damage to the pipes.

5) Push Relay

Give your kids a chance to practice treading water! Divide everyone into two teams, each with an even number of players, and have them try to rush a large ball or watermelon to the other side of the pool without touching the pool floor. Whoever gets to the other side first wins.

Pro Tip: Using a watermelon gives the winning team a snack after the race is over!

Games in the Swimming Pool!

A warm summer day is the perfect time to try some of these entertaining games with your kids. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get in on the fun too! Enjoy your swimming pool while the warm weather lasts.

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