Relaxing Backyard Ideas: 6 Outdoor Features that Promote Restfulness

Relaxing Backyard Ideas: 6 Outdoor Features that Promote Restfulness

Relaxing Backyard Ideas: 6 Outdoor Features that Promote Restfulness

No matter the size, backyards are meant to be a source of enjoyment and refuge–a place to escape when you want to unwind, relax, and have fun. With so many outdoor living options available these days, it’s easy to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis and create the perfect place for relaxation. Ready to kick back and unwind in your own outdoor oasis? Here are 6 relaxing backyard ideas that are perfect for any size backyard. Click To Tweet

What Outdoor Features Will Turn Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis?

It’s easy to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing backyard oasis when you have the right outdoor features like a waterfall, fire pit, and a hot tub to relax in after work. Here are six ways to create the relaxing backyard of your dreams.

  1. Let the Water Fall
  2. Light a Fire
  3. A Shady Spot
  4. Inground Pool and Hot Tub
  5. Luscious Landscaping
  6. Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

1) Let the Water Fall

The sight and sound of water has a calming, restorative effect and can instantly turn your backyard in a restful and relaxing place. Adding a waterfall to your pool or a fountain or small pond is also a great relaxing backyard idea.

2) Light a Fire

A fire pit or an outdoor fireplace can instantly add warmth and ambiance to your yard–especially during the cooler months or in the evening. What can be more relaxing than talking with friends or family next to a fire, or cuddling with a partner sitting around the flames?

3) A Shady Spot

No one can relax when sitting in the hot Texas sun. Add shade to your yard with a pergola or arbor. These outdoor features can help you conjure up images of a vacation at a resort, especially when you have beautiful vining plants growing throughout your hardscape.

4) Inground Pool and Hot Tub

What could be more relaxing and soothing than a soak in a hot tub or inground pool? The perfect water feature for any yard is a private swimming pool or hot tub, which will relax you all within the privacy of your own yard.

5) Luscious Landscaping

With the right landscaping, you can turn your normal backyard into a relaxing paradise. Carefully planned and selected plants that look natural in their setting can really set a theme or mood, even transport you to a favorite vacation spot.

ProTip: To transform your backyard from boring to beautiful, enlist professional help from a landscape designer.

6) Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

An ideal way to create a relaxing backyard is to add an outdoor kitchen and bar. This cuts down on trips inside to grab a glass of wine and also lets you grill out and entertain with ease.

Relaxing Backyard Ideas for an Outdoor Oasis

When you add the above outdoor features, you can sit back and relax in your dream outdoor oasis. And now is the best time to add outdoor features to your backyard so they will be ready to use this spring!

When you are ready to add some of the above outdoor features to your yard, join the conversation to receive professional advice from our Houston pool builders on how to get started.

7 Swimming Pool Features Your Family Will Love

7 Swimming Pool Features Your Family Will Love

A backyard swimming pool is a perfect way to boost family bonding and bring everyone together. Make your pool an even better place to spend time by adding swimming pool features that every member of the house will love. Ready to renovate your pool for more family fun? Here are 7 swimming pool features everyone in the family can enjoy. Click To Tweet

What Features Will Elevate Your Family Pool?

Help create the family fun pool of your dreams with the right features for a custom pool including waterfalls, slides, bubblers, bridges and more! Here are the top swimming pool features to help your family create memories that will last a lifetime.

  1. Waterfalls
  2. Hot Tubs
  3. Build a Bridge
  4. Water Slides
  5. Graduated Entrance
  6. Bubblers
  7. Add an Arbor

1) Waterfalls

Customized waterfalls give your pool a unique look that is stunning. The sound of rushing water adds ambiance and style and turns your backyard into the perfect oasis to spend time in.

2) Hot Tubs

Another great feature the whole family will enjoy is the addition of a hot tub in your backyard! Having an inground spa added to your custom pool is nice for year-round relaxation and fun.

3) Build a Bridge

If you have a larger pool, having a bridge installed is perfect for connecting two portions together. Not only does a bridge look beautiful, but it also adds a fun family feature for swimming under the bridge.

4) Water Slides

Who doesn’t love a waterslide? Slides are a favorite among kids and adults and can be constructed in various locations, such as wrapping around a rock waterslide.

ProTip: Water slides provide hours of endless entertainment and fun for everyone in the whole family.

5) Graduated Entrance

A graduated pool entrance can be great for all families, but especially when you have younger kids who are starting out at learning to swim. It can also be a fun place to relax, sit, and spend time together.

6) Bubblers

Bubblers are a fun swimming pool feature that kids will love to splash around in. They give your pool a unique look and can be the center of attention for your new or renovated pool. By adding colorful lights you can create an enjoyable way to light up the night.

7) Add an Arbor

If you live in Texas, you understand the importance of having a shady spot to retreat to in the hot summer sun. Adding an arbor near your pool provides the perfect place to have a picnic lunch or evening dinner.

Swimming Pool Features for the Whole Family

Swimming pools offer the perfect place to create lasting memories with family. By adding the above custom swimming pool features, everyone will want to spend quality time together in the pool.

Ready to renovate or build your pool and wondering what features your family will enjoy the most? Join the conversation to hear from our Houston pool builders about which features will be perfect for your outdoor space.

Top Features for Houston Luxury Pool Designs

Top Features for Houston Luxury Pool Designs

If you’ve been considering getting a new pool or having your existing pool remodeled, there is no better time than now. With the right custom features, you can elevate your backyard to a true oasis. Ready to take your backyard to the next level? These 7 custom features can help make your pool a luxury destination. Click To Tweet

What Custom Features Create A Luxury Pool Design?

You can create a luxury pool design in your outdoor space by adding custom water features such as waterfalls, scuppers, or a bridge. Creative decking and landscaping can help make your dream backyard a reality. Here are seven custom features that can make your boring backyard a luxurious outdoor living space.  

  1. Let the Water Fall
  2. Stunning Scuppers
  3. Family Friendly Slides
  4. Build a Bridge
  5. Add a Spark
  6. Fun Bubblers
  7. Custom Decking and Landscaping

1) Let the Water Fall

Adding a waterfall to your pool design is the perfect way to add elegance and style to your outdoor space. The sound of rushing water creates a calming sound that can help put your mind at ease as you relax in your wonderful backyard sanctuary.

2) Stunning Scuppers

Scuppers are a wonderful way to add a beautiful touch to any luxury pool. They come in many different design options and create a visually stunning and calming effect your custom design.

3) Family Friendly Slides

Who doesn’t enjoy sliding into a swimming pool? Adding a slide to your custom pool is a terrific choice, especially if you have children or entertain often. Small or large slides can be constructed from various locations around your pool including wrapping around a natural rock waterfall.

4) Build a Bridge

If you have a larger area or pool, building a bridge to connect different portions and create a dynamic outdoor living space. Not only does it look beautiful, it also adds a unique feature allowing for swimming under the bridge.

5) Add a Spark

One of the top ways to create a luxurious pool design is to add fire features around your pool and outdoor space.

ProTip: Fire features can add a sense of warmth to your pool on cooler evenings, while also giving a beautiful look to your backyard.

6) Fun Bubblers

Bubblers are a fun addition that both kids and adults will love! Not only does it give the kids a fun place to play, but bubblers also make a great focal point to your custom pool. And if you add lighting to your bubblers, you can make your late night pool time shine.

7) Custom Decking and Landscaping

Adding custom decking or landscaping around your pool is the perfect way to finish off and complete your luxury pool design. By working with a professional outdoor living design team, you can create the ideal combination of waterscape and landscape to make all your backyard design dreams come true.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space with a Luxury Pool Design

With the above custom water features, you can turn your plain, boring pool into a luxurious outdoor oasis that everyone will want to spend time in!

Join the conversation to speak with our Houston pool builders to learn more about luxury pool designs. 

Swimming Pool Construction: How Houston Homeowners Can Avoid Delays

Swimming Pool Construction: How Houston Homeowners Can Avoid Delays

Making the decision to get a custom pool can be exciting! Having a pool in your backyard gives you the perfect place to spend time escaping the hot summer months and lets you create memories with family and loved ones. There are a lot of steps in the swimming pool construction process. Make sure you follow these tips to ensure the process goes swimmingly and you avoid any delays. Click To Tweet

When you choose the right swimming pool company and plan to build during the best season, you can ensure the construction process happens with the least possible delays. Here are four important factors to consider before you start the design and construction process.

Choose a Reputable Company

One of the most important things to consider when building a pool is the swimming pool builder. Be sure to check out reviews, and make sure they have a good reputation, along with several years of experience. The pool companies will work with you through the entire design process, work in a timely manner, and offer excellent customer service.

Avoid the Busy Season

Another way to help you swimming pool construction delays is to choose the optimal time to build. A lot of people opt to have their pools installed during late spring or early summer, and this can overload pool companies. Choosing to build a pool during this time can also help you save money, too. Many pool companies tend to have discounts in the off-months, making winter pool installation the perfect time to buy a pool.

ProTip: Getting your pool built in the winter and early spring months is an optimal choice and can help cut down on swimming pool construction delays.  

Avoid Extreme Heat & Humidity

If you live in the Houston area, you understand how hot and humid it can get. Unfortunately, these high temperatures and moist air can cause construction delays. This is another reason why getting your pool installed during the winter and early spring months is optimal.

Plan Ahead

By working with a team of qualified Houston pool builders and planning ahead, you can help cut down on construction delays when having your custom pool installed. There is a lot that goes into creating your backyard paradise, so start early and have an idea about the size, color, location, and other factors prior to talking to your pool designer.   

Avoid Delays in Swimming Pool Construction

When you plan ahead, work with a reputable pool company, and have your pool built at the best time, you can better ensure a high-quality job with the least amount of construction delays.

Contact us to speak with our team and learn more ways you can help avoid swimming pool construction delays.

Looking to Buy a Pool for Your Houston Home? The Best Time is Now!

Looking to Buy a Pool for Your Houston Home? The Best Time is Now!

A pool is a great investment for your home–especially if you live in Texas. The hot summers can be sweltering and the weather is mild enough that many people use their pools year round. If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to take the plunge and buy a pool, this winter is the ideal time to have it installed. Click To Tweet

If you are trying to decide when to buy a pool for your yard, the perfect time is now. Winter is the best time to buy a pool in Texas because you can get the lowest costs, you have no reason to rush the process, and it will be all ready for swimming once the weather warms up this spring.

Seasonal Savings

One of the top reasons why winter time is the best time to buy a pool is because you can find some great sales for pools during the winter season.

ProTip: Many people think that spring or summer is the best time to get a pool, but with lower costs available in the cooler months, winter is the ideal time to invest in a pool.

Ready for Spring

Winter is the optimal time to buy a pool because your pool will be complete and ready for use when the weather turns warm again in the spring. Also, getting a pool installed can cause a little damage to your yard, but buying a pool in the winter gives your landscaping and yard time to re-grow and be established again before you use it.

No Need to Rush

When you buy a pool during the warmer months, you might end up hearing your kids complain and constantly ask “Can we swim yet?” Or “When will the pool be ready?”, making you feel rushed. By buying a pool in the winter time, you don’t have to rush. You can spend a little extra time planning and making sure you are getting the pool of your dreams. Consider a freeform pool or adding custom water features like waterfalls to make your pool extra special.

Winter is the Best Time to Buy a Pool

The best time to get a pool is offseason. Winter in Texas is cooler so those working on it won’t be stuck working in the sweltering heat and your pool will be ready for backyard parties and fun when spring rolls around.

Contact us to speak with our team of Houston pool builders to learn more about why winter is the best time to buy a pool.

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5 Outdoor Living Goals to Set for 2019

5 Outdoor Living Goals to Set for 2019

2019 has arrived and with it, the opportunity to set new goals for the New Year! A little preparation now will allow you to transform your outdoor living space in the coming months. It’s easy to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams when you set these 5 outdoor living goals for the new year. Click To Tweet

Your Outdoor Living Goals

Your backyard is an extension of your home and functional outdoor living spaces are top on the list of what people are looking for in new homes. This new year is the perfect time to make upgrades and transform your backyard into your dream oasis. Here are five easy ways to achieve your outdoor living goals in the new year.

Deck Renovation

An old and outdated deck or patio can make your outdoor space look like an eyesore. Create a fresh new look by renovating your deck or by extending it to make it a perfect place for family and friends to spend time.

Fresh Landscaping

The addition of landscaping can take your backyard from boring to breathtaking! Not only will fresh landscaping make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal, but it also creates a space for personal enjoyment. You can never go wrong adding landscaping to any outdoor living space!

Custom Pool

What better way to create the yard of your dreams than by adding a custom pool! A pool not only adds fun and function to your backyard but also creates a stunning waterscape to enjoy year round. With water feature options like waterfalls, slides, fountains, your pool can make your backyard feel like a whole new living space.

Outdoor Kitchen Addition

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your outdoor living space is to add an outdoor kitchen your yard– especially if you love to cook and entertain.

ProTip: An outdoor kitchen (and dining area) can be the perfect new focal point of your yard and offers even more ways to spend time outside.

Add a Spark

To create an instant outdoor oasis in your backyard is to add an outside fireplace or fire pit! Choose from a custom built fireplace or enjoy a fire pit, which comes in every shape and style you can imagine. In addition to providing heat and a comforting place to sit and relax, your new fire feature can also be another option to cooking up some tasty food, too.

Set Your Outdoor Living Goals for 2019

Setting your outdoor living goals now will allow you to upgrade your backyard without feeling rushed. Whether you’re building a brand new outdoor space or improving on an existing one, start early and plan ahead to set you up for success!

Contact us to learn more ways to achieve your outdoor living goals in 2019.