Dramatic Backyard Makeover Ideas

Your backyard is an extension of your home, but too often it sits neglected. Perhaps you thought you could reverse the disrepair, but ran out of time or energy.  Maybe it’s a blank canvas that you’re just not sure how to fill.  No matter the challenge, an experienced professional can take your yard from bland to beautiful.

The Difference Between Wow and Wow

There are 2 different ways to say, “wow.”  The first is positive, usually in response to something impressive or beautiful.  The second is decidedly negative, often uttered in response to an overgrown patio or pool in disrepair. If you’re tired of hearing the bad kind of “wow”, it may be time to give your backyard a makeover!

A Stunning Custom Pool

A custom pool is designed with your current home in mind, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing look. Custom pools are limited only by your imagination, both in size, shape and architectural detail. Integrate custom features, such as waterfalls, lighting and specialty finishes to maximize the impact.  Working with a professional pool builder allows you to get exactly what you want.  Is there anything better on a hot summer day than a cool dip in a crystal clear pool?

Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living elements have surged in popularity in recent years. A proper outdoor living area increases the value of your home and gives you additional living space. In essence, it extends your home. Outdoor living spaces can be as minimal or luxurious as you’d like.  From a simple pergola and lounge chairs to a complete outdoor kitchen and dining area, the sky’s the limit.

Lush Landscaping

If your pool is the picture, your landscaping is the frame.

Choose plants that will complement your pool, patio, and home.  Opt for trees that won’t drop leaves, needles or seeds into your pool, but will provide areas of shade. Hide pool equipment and other less than beautiful elements with lush plant life. 

Beautiful Finishes

Your pool and patio offer opportunities to increase aesthetic value with beautiful finishes. While the classics can always be dressed up or down (concrete, stained concrete, etc.), there are new finishes that can really ramp up your wow factor. Glass tile and crushed quartz materials reflect light, which natural stone and wood finishes blend hardscape and landscaping elements seamlessly.     

Unique Features

The details in your backyard makeover are where you can really get creative. There is more variety than ever, from fire pits and fountains to arbors and pergolas.  This is where form and function meet, giving you the freedom to choose items both for their beauty and their usefulness. The right features can truly set your home apart from the rest.

Bringing Your Backyard Makeover Ideas to Life

Don’t be intimidated by what you perceive to be challenging. With a professional on your side, those mountains are transformed into molehills. Clearly convey your vision for the space and let your outdoor specialist take it from there.

To transform your backyard and start hearing the good kind of “wow”, Contact Us today.

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