Enhance Your Pool With These Incredible Hardscape Elements

Hardscape elements can enhance and beautify your pool.  The requirements of hardscape for a pool are slightly different that those of a backyard with no pool.  It’s important to think about safety and style. A beautiful surface that becomes slippery when wet could be a disaster!  

Hardscape Elements: Weigh Your Options

Pools usually take the spotlight in a backyard, but hardscape and landscape are equally important.  If your pool is a portrait, those elements are the frame.The hardscape around your pool should match the style of your home. There are many options for custom features to set your pool apart from the rest!

1) Concrete

Concrete makes a smooth surround with clean lines. It’s available in a variety of colors besides the familiar light grey. It’s very low maintenance and doesn’t get too hot in the summer. Think about adding a bit of grit or small pebbles to add traction.  If you’re not in an area that gets much rain, smooth concrete should be fine.

2) Wood

Decks constructed of wood can add a unique and luxurious touch to your pool hardscape. It has a spa-like feel and can really pop next to a modern home.  It adds a natural feel and provides seamless flow from pool to landscape. Unlike concrete, wood require significantly more maintenance. But its impact is undeniable!

3) Brick

Bricks are great for giving your space an old world feel. It’s not an element you see very much around pools, but creates a striking contrast. The cost of installation is higher than most, but will last for years to come. Be sure not to let moss grow too close to the pool, as it can pose a risk.

4) Stone

Stone is a natural material for patios and paths, and has enough texture to make it slip-resistant. Like wood it enhances landscaping and architectural features. Many types are available, and prices are often determined by what’s offered in your region. You could really get creative with this option!

5) Waterfall

A waterfall provides the soothing sound and shimmering sight of falling water. They add a touch of luxury to your pool, but are also great for blocking the sounds of neighbors or traffic. You can opt for natural-looking artificial or real stone, or can go sleek and modern. Let your creativity take the reigns! They add cohesion to free-form pools, and visual interest to more standard shapes.

6) Hot Tub

Hydrotherapy consists of heat, buoyancy, and massage. There is nothing more relaxing after a long day than unwinding in a hot tub oasis. Hot tub hydrotherapy also provides physical health benefits that go deeper than just relaxation and pleasure. Add on to your pool with a luxurious hot tub designed to look like it was always there. This can also be your opportunity to add a waterfall flowing from the hot tub into the pool.  

Outdoor Oasis

Your backyard is your escape and oasis from the world.  Adding unique hardscape elements in harmony with your pool and landscaping creates a stunning sight to ease your tension and relax your mind. Give yourself the best escape after those long, hard days at work. 

To find out how to transform your pool with custom hardscape elements, Contact Us.

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