Are Gunite Pools the Best Choice for Your Home?

If you’re looking to install an inground pool in your backyard, you’ve probably wondered what building material is best. A fiberglass or pre-shaped pool might be quick to install, but what about durability or appearances? Before you decide on your ideal pool material, consider what a gunite pool might mean for your backyard.

Is a gunite pool the best choice for you? With its proven durability and easily customizable nature, gunite is a superior choice to most other swimming pool building materials. Invest in a gunite pool for a long-lasting addition to your home!

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What is Gunite?

Simply put, gunite is a type of concrete made of cement, water, and sand. During a gunite pool installation, the builders will start by excavating your pool space and installing a steel skeleton. Gunite is then shot out of a hose to encase the skeleton and form a single-piece pool lining. This entire process takes significantly less time than a traditional concrete pool, meaning you don’t have to wait as long to start swimming!

Durability of a Gunite Swimming Pool

Due to its nature, gunite offers much higher durability than typical concrete. High impact resistance means your pool lining can take a lot of pressure without breaking or needing repairs. This is especially valuable in a warmer area like Houston. Your gunite pool can take the heat!

Customizing Your Gunite Pool

Customizing gunite is as easy as choosing a color! Gunite pools offer the chance to choose a variety of colors and finishes to line your swimming pool. A particularly beauty-conscious homeowner can even opt for pool finishes with glass, colorful pebbles, or other eye-catching designs for a truly elegant pool.

Gunite pools can also come in any customized shape or size you can imagine. Since the lining is mixed and poured right in your backyard, you can choose any design to match your decor, rather than choosing between preset shapes like a fiberglass pool would require. Add as many curves or custom features as you want! Gunite can accommodate your requests.

Pro Tip: Gunite allows you to add as many custom features to your pool as you want. However, remember that the more features you add, the more time and money your project will require.

Finding the Best Type of Inground Pool

Your swimming pool will be a part of your home for a long time to come, and it’s important to choose building materials and styles that will last. For most Houston homeowners, a gunite pool provides the durability, customization, and pleasing appearance that you’ll be proud to see in your backyard.

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