Your Guide to Choosing the Right Pool Shape

A swimming pool is a wonderful investment, but choosing the right design can be a challenge. There are so many ways your pool can be shaped, and so many styles to choose from.  Add unique custom features to further customize your pool, and create your own backyard paradise.

The Best Pool Shape For Your Home

The shape of your pool should complement your home and surrounding landscape. When a pool is placed close to the home, it should mirror the home’s architecture. If your home is modern and sleek, a rectangular shape would probably fit with the home’s aesthetic better than a Grecian shape. Always consider your home before settling on a pool shape.

1) Rectangle & Oval

Geometrically shaped pools are typically more modern and formal in nature. The rectangle was one of the most common shapes in early pool design, which is why so many older homes have them. Although rectangular pools fell out of favor when freeform gained popularity, they’re making a big comeback. For a slightly less-formal look, an oval shaped pool is a viable option.

2) Freeform

A freeform pool doesn’t adhere to any specific pattern.  It’s usually designed around natural elements, and incorporates landscaping elements in the design. These pools often have a similar look to a lagoon, with lush greenery surrounding it.

3) Grecian & Roman

Grecian and Roman shaped pools are the gold standard for luxury.  These pools mirror the formal elements found in ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture. The Grecian pool features cut corners that form an octagon, while the Roman pool rounded edges and stylized angles.

4) L-Shaped

The L-shaped pool is similar to a rectangular pool, but provides an extended shallow area. This is great for those who like to swim laps, but still want a smaller shallow end for young swimmers.

5) Kidney

A kidney shaped pool is a long oval with an indentation on one side. Shaped exactly as it sounds, like a kidney bean! It’s a popular choice because it works in nearly any size backyard. The indentation is usually the separation between the shallow and deep end.  It’s also often where homeowners place a spa or hot tub.

Backyard Oasis

Building a custom pool is the perfect way to have your own backyard oasis. It’s important to consult with an experienced pool builder, to ensure that the shape you want makes sense in your space. No matter what shape you choose, it’s a sound investment for your home and your family!

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