How to Find the Best Inground Pool Installation Company Near You

Installing a brand new swimming pool is an exciting time for any homeowner. Of course, the most important first step is finding a pool installation company that you can trust. The multitude of options in Houston may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. Keep these important factors in mind before shelling out thousands of dollars for that new pool.

Not all pool builders are created equal. Many will offer better warranties, faster service, or simply a better final product than others. Don’t assume that the lowest price tag automatically makes one company the best option.

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Pool Features and Construction Materials

If your dream swimming pool includes such features as waterfalls and slides, don’t settle for a plain pool simply because your first choice doesn’t offer those customizations. This is your dream pool and you deserve the best. Hire a company that can make your dream come true.

Additionally, don’t try to save money or cut corners on quality construction materials. Your savings right now can turn into high repair costs later if the cheap concrete or tile falls apart down the road. Ask the company specific questions about their building materials and how long you can expect the finished product to last.

Pro Tip: Ask about safety features for your pool as well before hiring a builder. Some safety features can’t be easily installed on a completed pool.

Maintenance and Repairs

Don’t let yourself be stuck with a future repair job that can either drain your wallet or damage your pool even further. Read every word in your contract and make sure you understand the builder’s warranty and repair policy. Know when to call them for repairs and how much to budget for the required work.

Designing Your Inground Swimming Pool

Even if you don’t have a complete picture in your head yet, discuss some ideas with your pool builder. Take note of how open they are to your questions and ideas. Do they seem to be listening to you? Are their suggestions legitimate, professional thoughts or are they trying to upsell expensive features you don’t want?

Remember, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars for this company to build you a pool. If they can’t even listen to you and work with you to design your dream pool, why should you hire them?

Waiting for Dig Day

Hiring a pool builder is a significant and costly decision, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Find a company that listens to what you want and provides the level of maintenance and quality you deserve.

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