Pool Excavation: What to Expect on Dig Day

Getting ready for your very own inground pool in your backyard is exciting! Before jumping into the blue water to have some summer fun, you’ll need to prepare for the gritty work of pool excavation. No new pool is going to instantly appear in your backyard ready to swim in, so what should you expect on dig day?

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Pool excavation is a messy job required in order to build your inground pool. There will be lots of machinery and noise, earth from your backyard being removed, and delays to be prepared for. Here’s what to expect during your new pool construction.

Prepare the Grounds for Digging

You will have to clear the backyard of any outdoor decorations, kids toys, and appliances beforehand. Before the actual digging process, the pool builders will lay out your pool’s design by placing wood stakes around the area to guide them in their process. If any children are home during this time, or if any pets are out in the yard, it’s best to have them stay inside until the excavation is complete.

Lots of Mess and Lots of Noise

Your backyard is going to look like one big mess before it looks like the beautiful pool you imagined. The excavation process is loud and unnerving, with machinery working to dig the hole into your yard. Lots of earth will be pulled out of the ground and taken away by a dump truck.

Pro Tip: Planning to have a new pool built in your backyard? You may want to let your neighbors know beforehand of the noise to come, just to be courteous.

Be Prepared for Potential Delays

You won’t know what’s under the ground in your backyard until you find it. There could potentially be rock or groundwater under the area where your pool is being built. These are things that can be fixed and overcome, but will just take a little longer to achieve your desired result. Unruly weather can also affect your dig day and delay the process, so pay attention to the season you are planning the excavation process for.

Enjoy Your New Houston Outdoor Oasis

Now that you’ve survived the dreadful sights and sounds of pool excavation, you’re ready to enjoy the fun process of setting up your new outdoor entertainment area. With expert pool builders at your side through the process, your inground pool will be ready for summer fun in no time!

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