Telltale Signs Your Swimming Pool Contractor Might Be A Fraud

Scamming swimming pool contractors have been making the headlines lately as more and more people are becoming victims of fraudulent “contractors”. People are putting their trust in these so-called “swimming pool contractors” and losing a big portion of their backyards along with thousands of dollars. Sadly, we live in a world where we can’t trust everything we’re told. We have to dig deeper in many instances to avoid being ripped off. Considering the recent pool contractor scams, we’ve created a short list to help you stay safe and avoid fraudulent schemes. Click To Tweet

How to Know if Your Contractor is a Fraud

Contractor scammers are making a living at the expense of others. It’s no wonder that they are experts when it comes to reading people and using deceptive language.  If you are planning on having a new pool built in your backyard, make sure that the pool builder you’ve hired is reputable, genuine, and trustworthy. Here’s how to know if your pool contractor might be a fraud:

  1. Improper or No Licenses
  2. Bad Portfolio & A Sketchy Website
  3. None or Primarily Negative Reviews

1) Improper or No Licenses

A big warning sign that you are dealing with a fraudulent swimming pool builder is that they either have no license or the license they have is outdated. Don’t be afraid to ask to see the proper building licenses. A high-quality pool building company will have no problem providing you with proof of their certifications and licenses.

2) Bad Portfolio & A Sketchy Website

Ask to see a portfolio! A reputable pool builder should have a ton of pictures easily accessible on their cellphone. If all you’re getting from the pool design company is a link to a poorly made website with basic stock images, they’re probably trying to fool you. Make sure you spend some time on their website, reading the “About” page and looking for any testimonials. A trustworthy swimming pool designer will be passionate about the custom pools that they have designed and constructed.

Pro Tip: When building a new pool, you should only work with a pool and spa builder that has proven experience in design.

3) None or Primarily Negative Reviews

Have you looked up online reviews of the pool company you’ve chosen? While a few negative reviews are normal, the majority should be happy customers that highly recommend their swimming pool installation. If you can’t find any reviews, or they’re all negative, listen to your intuition and find another contractor.

The Swimming Pool of Your Dreams

A new pool is quite the time and financial investment. Many people let their guard down and think, “It’ll never happen to me.” That’s when criminals take advantage of the opportunity. It’s necessary to do your research to avoid being scammed out of your hard-earned money.

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