Sport Swimming Pool vs. Traditional Deep End

Overwhelmed by the many options for a new backyard pool? The way your pool will be used will also be a large determining factor for the type of pool you choose. Deciding between a sports swimming pool or traditional deep end is a choice that can be made easier by discussing your needs with a professional pool builder. A custom pool might be your best bet if you want to take elements from several different designs to create a truly unique pool! Click To Tweet

Sport Swimming Pool or a Traditional Deep End?

If you’re considering adding a pool to your backyard, there are many things to consider. Are you looking for something basic or will your pool have custom water features that make it stand out? Have you thought about the shape and size that will best fit your needs?

Sports Pool

  • No deep end: Deepest point is in the middle at around 5 feet 5 inches deep
  • Ideal for water sports, like volleyball or swimming laps
  • Makes diving into the pool impossible
  • Does not allow for water slides
  • Is often preferred by parents of small children

Traditional Deep End

  • Comes in various sizes and depths
  • Allows for diving games, water slides, and diving boards
  • Makes some water sports, like volleyball, impossible

The Perfect Pool

If you still can’t decide whether a traditional pool or a sports pool is best for you, discuss your options with a pool builder. They’ll be able to design the perfect pool to fit all of your wants and needs. Many modern pool designs are a combination of sports and traditional pool in 1!

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