5 Beautiful Ways to Make Your Pool Stand Out

As summer approaches, it’s finally time to start getting your pool ready to impress. Having friends and family around to enjoy your backyard escape can create lasting memories. There are many ways to make your pool stand out from the rest, from small changes like lighting, to complete renovations and landscaping. Your backyard is an extension of your home, so ensuring that your pool is part of a cohesive design will add value and beauty to the space. Click To Tweet

Make Your Pool Stand Out

Everyone with a pool dreams of having a beautiful backyard oasis. You want a space that feels inviting, beautiful and tranquil. You want places to sit, sounds to enjoy, and maybe a kitchen for summer meal prep. Whatever your vision, the right designer can make your dreams a reality.

1) Update Coping

If your pool is in generally good shape, but just needs a light renovation, swap out the old coping for something new. Coping is a cap for the edge of the pool, which is both functional and decorative. Adding tile to this creates visual interest and detail. Alternately, you may want to cover the coping by slightly extending your pool patio over the pool’s edge, creating a modern, seamless transition from patio to pool.

2) Add a Water Feature

Water features enhance your pool tremendously, by blocking outside noise and providing ambiance to your backyard. Waterfalls can be made of stacked natural stone, or scuppers can be built into the side of your pool for a sleek, cohesive design.

3) Fire

The fire pits of the past are mobile and separate from your pool. Modern fire pits can be built into pillars around your pool for an exquisite, breathtaking sight. A night swim with fire features is about as magical as it gets!

4) Outdoor Living Areas

A pool by itself is a tremendous asset to your backyard, but a pool with a shade structure and outdoor living room or kitchen will more than pay for itself. Outdoor living areas act as an extension of your home’s usable space, allowing for more comfortable entertaining and leisure. An outdoor kitchen will put the neighbors to shame and make your house the center of every Saturday afternoon.

5) Pergola

A pergola is the perfect shade structure to provide a private seating area or alfresco dining table. Plant climbing ivy or bougainvillea to really make it shine.  You can feature it front and center or tuck it away to encourage quiet conversations and relaxation.  

Time For A Change

If you’re tired of the sight that greets you when you look outside, it’s probably time for a change. Your pool should take your breath away and tempt you to go outside. Dressing up your pool with the right additions will dazzle guests and encourage outdoor entertaining and fun.

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