5 Easy Changes to Update the Look of Your Pool

Is your backyard boring? Could your swimming pool use a facelift? In order to keep up with changing tastes and trends, you may need to make some smart improvements or additions to your pool. Something as small as new pool lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your backyard.

Smart Changes That Pack a Big Punch

If your pool is in generally good shape but lacking that WOW factor, aesthetic changes can make a big impression.  Whether is just needs a thorough cleaning or a full resurfacing, a pool professional will be able to help advise you on renovation possibilities. Something you fear will be a massive undertaking might turn out to be a quick fix.

1) Custom Features

Adding custom features like waterfalls, slides or bubblers can add visual interest to your pool and update the whole feel of it. The addition of water features to an existing backyard swimming pool adds elegance and auditory ambiance to your backyard; ranging from a soft comforting trickle of water to an imposing cascade capable of drowning out the neighborhood noise.

2) Lighting

LED lighting offers a huge variety of options, from color changing bulbs to pulsating disco lights. Swimming pool lights not only add safety to night time swimming, but they add an aesthetic touch and unique appeal to any swimming pool. They also use less energy than traditional lights, which will save you a little money.

3) Waterline Tile

Updating the tile along your pool’s waterline can give it a polished, finished look. If the waterline tile is missing grout or just outdated, consider replacing the old tile with something new. It’s a great way to give it an updated look and can prevent costly leaks. Opt for something with a bit of shimmer to play on the water for a beautiful, sparkling effect.

4) Extreme Cleaning

If your pool and patio have started to wear their age, you may need to invest in a pressure or chemical washing. Keep in mind that only pools made of plaster, exposed aggregate or concrete are strong enough to withstand the power of a pressure washer. Pools constructed with vinyl or fiberglass must be cleaned using chemical treatments or other non-abrasive methods. To remove calcium carbonate deposits, use a pumice stone, stain eraser or scale remover.

5) Decking

Updating or refreshing decking can change the entire dynamic of your backyard. Cement can be dyed almost any color imaginable or can be stamped to mimic wood or stone in appearance.  Pool coping can also be updated with the addition of natural stone or tile.

Update the Look of Your Pool to Increase Value

Pool renovations, even small ones, are an investment in your home value. Your pool was expensive to build, and while renovations can seem costly, they’re definitely worth it in the end. Improving your pool’s appearance will make it look newer and will, in turn, make it more desirable to buyers.

To find out how custom features and smart improvements can update the look of your pool, Contact Us.