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Swimming pools are a backyard staple for many families, providing countless hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. However, parents should also be aware of the potential risks involved when a child spends time near an open body of water. Swimming pool safety is critical where children are involved.

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Safety Rules for the Swimming Pool

Modern swimming pools are designed with the safety of their users, especially small children, in mind. However, there are still steps you can and should take to ensure that no one is hurt while enjoying a swim. A few crucial pool safety guidelines include:

  1. Install drain covers
  2. Install alarms, barriers, and covers
  3. Learn CPR
  4. Never leave children unattended
  5. Make sure your family can swim

1) Install Drain Covers

Suction from uncovered swimming pool drains can be difficult for even adults to escape from. For a small child, an uncovered pool drain that turns on and pulls too hard can be a deathtrap. Even if you go to a public pool, if you notice missing or broken drain covers, it’s not worth the risk. Keep your own pool’s drain covers in excellent condition and replace them immediately when necessary.

2) Install Alarms, Barriers, and Covers

Texas homeowners are required to install fences at least 4 feet tall around their private swimming pools to prevent anyone, particularly children, from accidentally falling in. While additional safety features such as alarms or pool covers are not mandatory, they make a huge difference in keeping others safe. If someone tries to get into your pool, they’ll set off an alarm and alert you to make sure everything is ok. 

3) Learn CPR

Whether you have kids or not, it’s absolutely critical to know CPR and first aid for people of any age who experience an emergency in the water. It could be the difference between life and death while you wait for emergency services to arrive. Find a specialized first aid course designed for people who spend a lot of time near the water.

Pro Tip: There are a few key differences between CPR designed for adults and CPR for kids. Make sure you know the proper way to do both.

4) Never Leave Children Unattended

This rule is rather self-explanatory. Kids, especially very small kids, should never be in a swimming pool unsupervised. Even if there’s a lifeguard on duty, you should always designate a dedicated person to keep an eye on your children the entire time they’re in the pool. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5) Make Sure Your Family Can Swim

Swimming is more than just a fun summer activity. In a large body of water, knowing how to swim or tread water is quite literally a lifesaver. Make sure your entire family can swim to the edge of the pool or keep their heads above water until someone can reach them.

Enjoy Your Pool Safely

Fortunately, most pools are designed to be safe for users of any age. With careful consideration and application of these additional swimming pool safety guidelines, parents can feel confident that their children can enjoy a swim in safety.

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