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Are you considering building a custom pool in your backyard? The construction process is complex and can prove to be timely depending on the required materials, the weather, and any additional custom pool features you may want. When it comes to the design and construction of a Houston swimming pool, you typically have two options, a swimming pool builder or a general contractor.[bctt tweet=” If you’re starting new pool construction, we recommend relying on a swimming pool builder rather than a general contractor, here’s why.” username=”AquascapesPool”]

General contractors could sub the labor out to another person. This means they’re completely accountable for someone else’s work. Furthermore, they have experience working on many different projects, but how much of this experience is dedicated solely to pool construction? With a general contractor, your swimming pool design could be placed on the backburner while they work on a number of other construction projects. Pool builders specialize in new pool building and won’t have distractions as general contractors do. Here’s an in-depth exploration of why pool builders are a better choice than general contractors:


Some general contractors may have experience building pools and spas, but that experience is most likely limited. The lack of experience can result in an extended project deadline due to unexpected circumstances. Reputable pool builders have years of experience designing and building custom swimming pools, so they know what to expect for each new pool project.

Pro Tip: When looking for a company to complete your new pool construction, be sure to ask questions about their level of experience and request a portfolio of completed pools.


If you opt for a general contractor, quality could seriously be compromised. This is because general contractors oftentimes sub the workout, so this can lead to miscommunication between the customer and the pool contractors. Considering the steep investment of a custom designed pool, the last thing you want is the quality to be sacrificed because the contractor is distracted with a ton of other projects and deadlines. Pool builders are only working on new pool construction, so the level of quality will be top-notch.


You want to make sure that the company building your pool is licensed and reputable. Read reviews online, but extend that research further by asking for referrals and making the necessary phone calls. It’s also important to ask for proper licensing and qualifications. It’s more than likely that a pool builder will be able to prove their reputation to you because customized pool construction is their specialty. While a general contractor may have some referrals, how recent are they and are any current? For this line of work, reputations matter.  

You Can Count on Houston Swimming Pool Builders

For your new swimming pool, you’re probably investing quite a bit of your time and money to planning the project. It’s important to work with pool builders who have the time and resources to spend on your new pool construction, rather than trusting a general contractor who may or may not meet your expectations. Trusted swimming pool builders will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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