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Pool Water Features

Make your backyard a beautiful addition to your home by integrating fun and visually stunning pool water features. Our design team can help you plan out the right features for a custom pool¬†including waterfalls, slides, bubblers, deck jets, bridges and more! Have your own unique idea? Share it with us–we can make¬†your vision a reality!

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Waterfall pool water features by Aquascapes


Waterfalls add a sense of customization and calmness to any swimming pool. Many people enjoy the sound of rushing water and find it as a calming addition to a backyard oasis. From small rock falls to larger spillover effects, we can re-create any waterfall concept you desire.

Slide pool water features by Aquascapes


A favorite among kids and families–pool slides provide a fun feature to your custom pool! Small or large slides can be constructed from various locations around your pool including wrapping around a rock waterfall.

Scuppers pool water features by Aquascapes


Scuppers can come in many different styles and sizes and can add a beautiful touch to any pool. Many people enjoy scupper features as both a calming and visually stunning addition to a backyard.

bubblers pool water features by Aquascapes


A fun pool addition that the kids and adults love! Bubblers give a fun way for little ones to play in the water while also providing centered attention on your new custom pool. By adding lighting, you can create a beautiful look for late night fun.

Bridge pool water features by Aquascapes


If you want to build a larger style swimming pool, a custom bridge is a perfect way to connect different portions together. Not only does it look beautiful, but it also adds a unique feature for swimming under the bridge. From custom stone, wood, and other materials, you can pick the exact backyard design you’re looking for.

Fire pool water features by Aquascapes


Light up the night with a custom fire feature added to your pool design. Fire features can add a sense of warmth on colder evenings that you may want to dip in the pool, while also giving a beautiful look to your backyard.

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