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Making the decision to build a custom pool in your own backyard is exciting! You should be able to have a beautiful oasis with custom water features for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. We know this is probably a huge investment for you, and that’s why we’re dedicated to giving you a wonderful experience. From an initial consultation and coming up with your backyard design to completing the project in a timely manner, we promise excellent service and quality work every step of the way.

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Already have a pool but want to update the look and design? Take a look at our pool renovation services.


Freeform Custom pools by Aquascapes

Freeform Pools

Freeform custom pools are those taking on any shape and form. There’s no certain geometric shape such as a square or rectangle. Instead, freeform design (sometimes also referred to as a radius pool), has no set rules or shapes–it can take on any curvilinear form.

Geometric custom pools by Aquascapes

Geometric Pools

Opposite of freeform, geometric pool designs are those which take on a specific shape, true to its dimensions. Some examples include an oval, circle, square, or rectangle.

Custom pools and spas by Aquascapes


Having an inground spa added to your custom pool is nice for year-round relaxation and fun. Our experienced design team can come up with a plan to add a spa to your swimming pool design. For many people, it’s an essential addition for a perfect backyard oasis.

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