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Just a few custom features can take your pool from ordinary to extraordinary. A waterfall can make your backyard feel like a true oasis and a place to find peace after a long day. It also provides countless hours of fun for friends and family. [bctt tweet=”Adding a waterfall to your pool allows for relaxation and better pool circulation.” username=”AquascapesPool”]

3 Reasons to Add a Swimming Pool Waterfall

Almost nothing beats the sound of trickling water in your backyard pool. These features add a touch of luxury and class to every pool. Consider the following benefits of adding a waterfall to your swimming pool:

1) Relaxation

Whether you’re watching the water flow or closing your eyes and just listening to the sound, waterfalls provide relaxation after even the longest day. Sometimes you need to step into nature and unwind. You can dip in the pool or sit beside it and leisure.

2) Beauty

Waterfalls can be customized to suit your individual needs and style. You can express yourself and create a beautiful focal point in your backyard. Enhance your pool with an impressive sight and upgrade your entire waterscape with a waterfall.

3) Cleaner Water

Algae will typically not grow in moving water, meaning that waterfalls inhibit excessive growth. A waterfall also helps your pool water circulate. It can’t act as the sole filtration system for your pool, but you will notice a difference with a waterfall.

Waterfalls or Fountains?

Fountains are another great option to enhance and upgrade your swimming pool. They produce slightly different sounds and add a different style element. Can’t decide? Consider opting for a waterfall and a fountain for a dramatic impact.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living

If you want to enhance your outdoor living experience, you can’t go wrong by adding a pool waterfall or fountain. Hours of fun, relaxation, beauty, and fresh water. What more could you ask for?

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