5 Top Features for High-Quality Custom Pools

5 Top Features for High-Quality Custom Pools

5 Top Features for High-Quality Custom Pools

Your backyard is your own private retreat. Adding a pool creates an instant impressive sight from your back patio and backyard-facing windows. But today there are more extra features than ever available to enhance your pool. These provide acoustic ambiance, warmth, and fun, and really set your waterscape apart from the rest.

How to Enhance a High-Quality Custom Pool

When you’re designing your pool, why not add functional, beautiful custom features to maximize the pool’s function? These not only provide added visual and acoustic interest but can encourage spending time outdoors. With so many feature options, there's no reason to settle for a cookie-cutter pool when you could create a one of a kind waterscape! Click To Tweet


Waterfalls add customization and tranquility to any swimming pool design. The sound of rushing water is a calming addition to a backyard oasis, blocking out neighborhood and traffic noise. From natural designs like small rock falls, to sleek modern spillovers, the possibilities are endless.   


Imagine warm, flickering light reflecting off the surface of your pool. Fire pits or fire features light up the night and add a touch of luxury. Fire features add warmth on cooler nights, but also provide unparalleled ambiance.


Does your pool have features for little ones to enjoy? Bubblers are a fun addition that the kids will love! Bubblers offer a fun outlet for little ones to play in, while aults cool off while they watch nearby.


if you want to build a larger swimming pool or even a lazy river-style design, a custom bridge is a perfect way to connect various portions together. Not only does it look beautiful, but swimming under the bridge is a unique and original feature not usually seen in smaller designs.  


Is there anything more exhilarating as a kid than sliding down a waterslide? A favorite among kids and families–pool slides provide a fun and active way to enjoy your custom pool! Small or large slides can be constructed from various materials, from faux-stone to fiberglass.

An Impressive Sight

Being in nature can relax and recharge you. Just 20 minutes outside every day can calm your mind, improve blood pressure and decrease stress. The fresh air and sunshine act as instant mood booster and time spent in your pool offers real benefits to your body and mind. Make your backyard waterscape somewhere you want to be all the time, and enjoy a better quality of life and an impressive outdoor scene.

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Everything You Need for a Backyard Staycation

Everything You Need for a Backyard Staycation

Many people are opting to save money and forget the hustle and bustle of traveling for vacation. Instead, the staycation is becoming a popular choice for people on their vacation breaks. Rather than wasting money on flight and hotel accommodations, put that money into your backyard and make it the perfect place for relaxation, entertaining, and recreation.

Transform Your Backyard

While most of us think of yard work and chores when thinking about our backyard, there are simple ways to transform your outside living space into the perfect backyard oasis for a staycation. By following these top tips, you will have everything you need for a flawless backyard staycation.

Emphasis on Amenities

The ideal backyard staycation is all about amenities! A shady cabana or pool house offers a luxurious place to unwind and take a break. An outdoor kitchen or grill makes cooking dinner a breeze, and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is ideal to sit around with family and loved ones after the sun goes down. Add an outdoor splash pad, putting green, or yard games to keep boredom at bay and maximize your outdoor space. Click To Tweet

Bring the Indoors Out

Bringing a bit of the indoors out offers the perfect space for relaxing and enjoying the outside air. A comfortable sitting area with pillows, end tables, and lighting works as an extension of your home and offers a place to read, lounge, or chat with loved ones and friends.

Evening Magic

There is magic in a night sky, so what better way to enjoy it than to create an evening wonderland? Adding colorful mood lighting or relaxing around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace makes your backyard an all-hours destination. A night-time fire adds warmth and ambiance to your yard and those cooler nights.

Pool Features

There are plenty of features you can add to your pool to make your backyard staycation superb. Waterfalls, slides, bridges, scuppers, and other custom pool features are all ways to add beauty and value to your home. The sound of water rushing and bubbling is calming, as well as visually stunning.

Outdoor Dining

Your backyard staycation wouldn’t be complete without memorable meals! With an outdoor kitchen and dining, there is no reason to traipse back and forth to the house–everything is ready for you outside! Outdoor kitchens have refrigerators, counter space, and cooking surfaces. Fire up the grill for some barbeque and veggies, or serve up any meal with ease.

Your Dream Staycation

Your backyard is there for you to use and enjoy, and with these simple tips, you can transform your backyard into a dream staycation escape. Don’t waste time or money traveling for your vacation, everything you desire can be found right outside your back door.

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Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Amazing Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is one of the most popular sports in the country. As well as being a fun way to cool off on a hot summer day, swimming is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make friends. Swimming is shown to improve overall health and can be practiced over a lifetime. Click To Tweet It’s a fantastic low-impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. Just being near water can produce a calming effect similar to meditation, giving your brain a break from the constant overstimulation of modern life.

Health Benefits of Swimming

If you’re tired of the same old exercise program or if you’re simply looking for a way to keep the family active, jump in the pool. Swimming has an array of benefits for your mind, body, and soul. In fact, swimming has been called the perfect exercise. It provides all of the benefits of an aerobic workout without any damage on the joints, and it can be done by both old and young alike!

Low Impact Exercise

If you’re looking for an exercise that improves heart and lung function but is gentle on your joints, swimming is a top choice. Like other aerobic exercises such as running, it can improve cardiovascular fitness as well as cholesterol levels, without pushing stress on joints. This makes is a great option for pregnant women, older adults and anyone recovering from injury.

Relieves Stress

The natural endorphin produced from exercise is boosted by pool exercise.  While many talk about a runner’s high, swimming can increase those good feelings too. In addition to the happy hormones, you’ll also enjoy a relaxation response similar to yoga. This is because swimming combines deep stretching with rhythmic breathing, resulting in a relaxation rush that’s unique to the sport. Swimming is also calming and meditative, as the sound of your breathing and the water rushing by helps you focus and drown out distractions.

Pain Relief

Swimming is a great for relieving pain from arthritis and muscle pain. People with arthritis or other musculoskeletal problems and people who are overweight can all benefit from a dip in a pool. Exercising in water can relieve joint stiffness and pain and increase flexibility. Pain in your lower back? Water aerobics has been shown to ease chronic low back pain.

Keeps Kids Active

Learning to swim can help to improve a child’s emotional and physical health, in addition to increasing their safety around water. The physical activity helps children to stay energetic and develop exercise habits, which can follow them throughout their lives. Learning to swim can improve a child’s self-esteem and confidence around water. Especially on a hot day, swimming is a way to keep cool while encouraging a healthy level of physical and social activity. With custom features available, such as slides or waterfalls, you can create a virtual water park in your own backyard!  Avoid the TV trap by encouraging kids to spend time outdoors in a backyard pool!

It’s Fun!

Don’t get too hung up on learning all the different strokes or best techniques. Simply goofing off in your pool has health benefits! Having fun increases serotonin levels. Serotonin is a chemical that regulates sleep patterns, memory, body temperature, and mood. Doing activities you enjoy that help you relax and connect with others have been found to naturally increase the body’s serotonin levels. At the same time, having fun reduces cortisol, a stress-induced hormone that causes weight gain, and can weaken the immune system.

The Undeniable Benefits of a Pool

To incorporate swimming into your daily routine, you’ll first need to find a pool nearby. Many gyms offer lap swimming times, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a pool and spa in your own backyard to use anytime you wanted to? If you swim regularly or want to start, a pool is a fantastic investment in your health, quality of life and your home value!  

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Beautiful Custom Pool Designs to Complement Any Backyard

Beautiful Custom Pool Designs to Complement Any Backyard

Ready to take your backyard design up to backyard paradise level? A custom pool is arguably the essential component. Imagine endless hours of fun and relaxation for you and your family, right in the backyard!  

Custom Pool Designs 101

The options are truly endless, more than enough to accommodate your preference and style. Express your personality! Get started with the following tips:

1) Shape and Size

There are countless options available for custom pools, starting with pool size and shape. One pro tip to keep in mind is you’ll want your pool size, shape, and style to compliment your home and yard. You may want to go with a geometric design, that is, a pool with a specific shape such as oval, square, or rectangle. Or you may find a freeform pool, customized to your specifications will look best.

2) Water Features

Once you have your ideal size and shape, enhance your backyard pool experience with custom water features. Waterfalls, scuppers, fountains, and bubblers add calming sights and sounds for relaxing evenings after long days. Finally, for children, nothing beats endless hours of fun sliding down your custom water slide! Spice up your pool with these exciting water features.

3) Add a Spa.

If relaxation is part of your interest in buying a pool, consider adding a spa as well. Adding a custom in-ground spa to your pool design is essential for transforming your backyard into your personal oasis. Click To Tweet Imagine coming home after a long work week and escaping to your backyard spa. Relax. Unwind. Escape!

4) Other Pool Features.

Add a little style to your pool with additional custom features. For a larger pool, a custom bridge is a great way to divide sections, establish walkways, and create an exciting swimming experience under the bridge. Add warmth, excitement, and an exotic flair to evening gatherings with custom fire features. Make your pool standout. Infuse it with your personality and style.

5) Outdoor Living

You’ll also want to think about your pool surroundings. What other elements would enhance your backyard, make your pool a focal point, or round out your backyard paradise? Outdoor structures such as arbors, pergolas, and patio covers make great gathering places. Add style and a touch of nature with backyard landscaping, ponds, and streams. Or take it to the next level with an outdoor kitchen or living room. This is just the beginning. Explore all your outdoor living options for your optimal backyard design.

Paradise Awaits

Transform your backyard into a paradise experience with a custom pool, features, and landscaping. Create the ideal setting for having fun, relaxing and unwinding, and for entertaining family and guests. It starts with your custom swimming pool, but the possibilities are limitless. Get started with this guide to custom pool designs.

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5 Easy Changes to Update the Look of Your Pool

5 Easy Changes to Update the Look of Your Pool

Is your backyard boring? Could your swimming pool use a facelift? In order to keep up with changing tastes and trends, you may need to make some smart improvements or additions to your pool. Something as small as new pool lighting can dramatically change the look and feel of your backyard.

Smart Changes That Pack a Big Punch

If your pool is in generally good shape but lacking that WOW factor, aesthetic changes can make a big impression.  Whether is just needs a thorough cleaning or a full resurfacing, a pool professional will be able to help advise you on renovation possibilities. Something you fear will be a massive undertaking might turn out to be a quick fix.

1) Custom Features

Adding custom features like waterfalls, slides or bubblers can add visual interest to your pool and update the whole feel of it. The addition of water features to an existing backyard swimming pool adds elegance and auditory ambiance to your backyard; ranging from a soft comforting trickle of water to an imposing cascade capable of drowning out the neighborhood noise.

2) Lighting

LED lighting offers a huge variety of options, from color changing bulbs to pulsating disco lights. Swimming pool lights not only add safety to night time swimming, but they add an aesthetic touch and unique appeal to any swimming pool. They also use less energy than traditional lights, which will save you a little money.

3) Waterline Tile

Updating the tile along your pool’s waterline can give it a polished, finished look. If the waterline tile is missing grout or just outdated, consider replacing the old tile with something new. It’s a great way to give it an updated look and can prevent costly leaks. Opt for something with a bit of shimmer to play on the water for a beautiful, sparkling effect.

4) Extreme Cleaning

If your pool and patio have started to wear their age, you may need to invest in a pressure or chemical washing. Keep in mind that only pools made of plaster, exposed aggregate or concrete are strong enough to withstand the power of a pressure washer. Pools constructed with vinyl or fiberglass must be cleaned using chemical treatments or other non-abrasive methods. To remove calcium carbonate deposits, use a pumice stone, stain eraser or scale remover.

5) Decking

Updating or refreshing decking can change the entire dynamic of your backyard. Cement can be dyed almost any color imaginable or can be stamped to mimic wood or stone in appearance.  Pool coping can also be updated with the addition of natural stone or tile.

Update the Look of Your Pool to Increase Value

Pool renovations, even small ones, are an investment in your home value. Your pool was expensive to build, and while renovations can seem costly, they’re definitely worth it in the end. Improving your pool’s appearance will make it look newer and will, in turn, make it more desirable to buyers.

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5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Most property owners buy a home with the goal of increasing its value. While it may not be in the forefront of your mind, when you think about selling in the future you’ll want to know that your home is worth more than when you bought it. Making the right changes to your home can guarantee increased value. 

Smart Changes for Big Impact

There are many ways to add value to your home, from projects as small as touching up paint, to completely revamping your backyard. If you plan on living in the home for many years, you’ll want to make changes that will benefit your family and your bottom line.

1) Pool

A pool is an appealing amenity for most families, especially in Texas, where summers can be brutal. Many prospective homebuyers here won’t even look at a house that doesn’t have a pool! A well-designed custom pool provides a beautiful sight and practical uses. Many homeowners incorporate a hot tub into their poolscape, allowing for the space to be utilized year round.  

2) Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living spaces have exploded in popularity in recent years. People want to enjoy the outdoors, and the construction of outdoor kitchens, living rooms and covered patios has allowed for that. Maximizing your home’s backyard can pay off big if you decide to sell.

3) Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your home’s first impression. It encompasses elements such as landscaping, your front door, garage and porch.  Replacing or refinishing your front door and sprucing up pint with a fresh touch up coat can make a world of difference. Your yard should be mowed, adding grass seed to any bald patches. Flowers are a great and inexpensive way to add color and interest. You want people to see your home and think, “Wow!”

4) Update Bathrooms & Kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom renovations have the highest rate of return on investment, often surpassing 100%. This is because prospective buyers are easily daunted by the idea of having to do these renovations themselves. They’ll usually pay a bit more to avoid doing so, which makes bathroom and kitchen renovations very smart.

5) Get Rid of Carpet

Carpet has rapidly declined in popularity since the mid-2000s. Alternatives such as wood, tile, and bamboo have become the norm. Hard surface floors are easier to clean, they don’t show as much dirt and they’re better for anyone who suffers from allergies. Carpet, particularly in main living areas, is seen as outdated and unappealing. If your main floor has carpet, consider swapping it out for a more modern option.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Thoughtful improvement is the act of modernizing your home in a sensible way.  For example, if your family loves the outdoors, adding a pool can add value and improve quality of life. Always approach home improvement with plenty of planning, research, and patience. 

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