Top 5 Outdoor Updates to Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

Top 5 Outdoor Updates to Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

Top 5 Outdoor Updates to Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

If you could update or add 1 thing to your outdoor space, what would it be? Too often people treat their front and backyards as the frame around their home, wasting space that could be used to the home’s benefit. Your outdoor space can be functional and beautiful with the right updates. Click To Tweet

Why Bother With Outdoor Updates?

Whether you’ve had the same home for years or recently moved in, there are bound to be things you don’t love about it. Maybe you purchased a new construction and don’t like how barren the yard is, or perhaps your backyard just isn’t being utilized. Whatever your concern, updating your outdoor space can transform the entire look of your home.  

1) Custom Pool

A pool not only adds fun and function to your backyard but creates a stunning waterscape to enjoy year round. With options like waterfalls, slides, fountains and even fire, your pool can make you feel like you’re in a new house!

2) Patio or Deck Renovation

A patio or deck in disrepair can make your whole home seem like an eyesore. Similarly, a small slab of concrete can make a beautiful new home seem unfinished. Fix this issue by renovating your deck and patio, adding to a small patio or extending your deck to make it more practical for your family.

3) Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the biggest outdoor trends in this decade has been the popularity of outdoor living spaces. From an outdoor kitchen to a covered patio dining area, these additions can transform your backyard from drab to fabulous.

4) Landscaping Overhaul

Improving your home’s curb appeal with landscaping has a nearly 100% return on investment and makes a huge impact. It’s a very wise investment to make both for your personal enjoyment, and for the dramatic difference it can make in the appearance of your home.

5) Add Privacy

Most homeowners prefer a home with a fence. The most popular fences are wood or iron, and the addition of a privacy fence can greatly improve the look of your home. No more prying eyes while you soak in your spa!

Form and Function

It’s never smart to neglect the outdoor space around your home. This property is another opportunity to expand your home’s living space.

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7 Incredible Pools To Inspire Your Next Waterscape Project

7 Incredible Pools To Inspire Your Next Waterscape Project

Lounging poolside is a favorite summer pastime for nearly everyone.  Whether it’s in your own backyard or a faraway destination, there’s nothing more relaxing than a crystal blue pool. No matter where you are in the world, nothing says luxury quite like a one-of-a-kind #pool! Click To Tweet

From Backyard to Bali: 7 Incredible Pools

With summer in full swing and temperatures on the rise, it’s time to start hitting your local pool. While the standard pool designs can cool you off, why not dive into the deep end with some truly incredible pools? Daydream of faraway places, or get inspiration for your own backyard oasis with these pools from around the world:

The Library

The Library Hotel is located in Koh Samui, Thailand. Its swimming pool features a mosaic of deep red tiles contrasting against the white sandy beach it faces. The hotel’s library offers a collection of more than 1,300 books to read poolside.

Gellert Hotel

In Budapest, Hungary, the Gellert Hotel pool is actually mineral baths that fill the thermal pool, naturally reaching temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s reminiscent of a Roman bath, with mosaics, marble sculptures, and columns under a gorgeous stained glass skylight.

Hanging Gardens

If you’re lucky enough to stay at the Hanging Gardens Hotel in the Balinese jungle, you’ll get to enjoy sunsets through the trees as you swim in a two-tiered infinity pool that seems to hang in the treetops over the lush rainforest and river below.

San Alfonso del Mar

The San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile is one of the world’s largest, with space for small paddle boats and sailboats. The crystal-clear pool looks more like a lagoon at more than 20-acres. Its  66 million gallons of water is filtered from the Pacific Ocean.

Bauhaus Bedroom Pool

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this private residence pool sits atop the master bedroom. With a glass bottom and a large skylight in the master bedroom ceiling, you’ll drift to sleep feeling like you’re under the sea.

Grace Santorini

A boutique hotel in Santorini, Greece, the pool offers the largest infinity pool on the island, where you can swim up to the edge and gaze across the sparkling cobalt-blue Aegean Sea, which is particularly impressive at sunset.

Bigger in Texas

This private residence pool in Houston, Texas (featured here) is shaped like the state itself! With a square hot tub at the top end (Amarillo) and stairs at the bottom tip (South Padre Island), this completely unique custom pool proves that everything’s bigger and better in Texas! 

Taking The Plunge

If you’re ready to design or remodel your own pool, consider thinking outside the box. Use these pools as inspiration to guide you to a backyard waterscape you’ll never want to leave!

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The Great Debate: Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools

The Great Debate: Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools

A clear, sparkling pool in the backyard can make it feel like you have your own island oasis. Taking a dip in the cool water is a refreshing escape from the summer heat. If you’re considering installing a pool in your backyard, you may be conflicted as to what kind to get. Saltwater or chlorine. Chlorinated pools have been around for more than 70 years, while salt water pools are still a recent invention. There are several notable differences between saltwater and chlorine pools, but which is best? Click To Tweet

Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools

The idea of a saltwater pool is a bit misleading, as it still contains chlorine. The actual salt content of a saltwater pool is quite low, at levels similar to human tears! The big difference between the 2 is that a saltwater pool uses salt that passes through a chlorinator and produces hypochlorous acid for sanitation through electrolysis. Chlorinated pools use the addition of chlorine tablets to sanitize the water.


The costs associated with a chlorinated pool are typically less than a saltwater pool. They are less expensive upfront and do not require a chlorinator or saltwater generator, which must run many hours per day in a saltwater pool.


Saltwater pools need to be drained annually and tested regularly to ensure that ph levels are normal. Chlorinated pools also require regular pH testing, but don’t need to be drained unless there’s a problem.


If you are considering renovating or converting a traditional chlorine pool to a saltwater system, keep in mind that salt is fairly corrosive. The salt water may have adverse effects to pool parts, such as the lighting, liner, and masonry. Surrounding landscaping may also be damaged by salt water.

Zodiak Fusion

Using zodiac fusion and adding ozone to a chlorinated pool can significantly and safely lower chlorine levels. The Zodiac fusion process introduces copper and silver ions to the water. Ozone acts as a super shock to kill bacteria and pathogens in the pool. This effectively lowers the amount of chlorine necessary to keep a chlorinated pool clean. Aquascapes uses both of these techniques in all chlorinated pools.

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3 Ways to Create Outdoor Sun Shade Areas in Your Backyard

3 Ways to Create Outdoor Sun Shade Areas in Your Backyard

The Texas heat can make summer days more than a little uncomfortable. If you have a wide open backyard, you may wonder how to create shade so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Sure, you can buy umbrellas or temporary shade screens, but that’s the problem…they’re temporary. You can provide shade structures for your backyard that add value and functionality to your outdoor space. Click To Tweet

Outdoor Sun Shade

Having a beautiful pool is the perfect way to cool off on hot days, but if there’s no shade in your backyard, no one will want to linger once they’re done swimming. You should provide guests with a shady spot to cool off, post-swim or just to spectate.

Pergola or Gazebo

A pergola or gazebo can be built onto your patio or can be a separate structure place further away from your house. It provides partial to moderate shade, but not the full coverage of a covered patio. It’s a great option to pair with natural shade trees for a more rustic look, or to grow vines around!

Covered Patio

A covered patio offers a bit more permanence and shade than a pergola. These are the go-to solution for protecting outdoor kitchens and outdoor living rooms, allowing guests to spend time outside even when the sun is beating down. Electric fans can be added inside covered patios, making them even cooler on hot days.

Natural Shade

Strategically placed trees and large shrubs can play a big role in providing shade in your backyard. Planted near your patio they provide plenty of natural shade on sunny days. Not only do they shield your yard from outside noises, but they make your backyard look lush and tropical. You should be careful planting trees too close to your pool, as they may drop leaves into it or damage it with root growth over time.

Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, making backyard upgrades a necessity for anyone looking to have an edge in the housing market. With the year-round good weather in Texas, there’s never been a better time to invest in your outdoor space than now!

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Outdoor Renovations Sure to Make the Neighbors Jealous

Outdoor Renovations Sure to Make the Neighbors Jealous

With summer upon you, you’ve probably noticed some outdoor elements in your own backyard that could use an update. Perhaps your decking is warped or damaged, or your pool lacks that WOW factor. You don’t need massive overhauls to make a huge impact on your backyard. Click To Tweet

Outdoor Renovations

Whether you’re going for a kid-friendly paradise or an elegant retreat, your style will be an important factor in choosing custom features to add to your pool. Take into account how you spend your time outside and what you want to use the space for the most.

Elegant Water Feature

A beautiful water feature can turn an ordinary pool into an elegant statement. A fountain, waterfall or scupper adds beauty and ambiance to any outdoor space. The noise of the water can also help drown out any nearby traffic or neighbors.

Fun For The Kids

If family fun is what you’re after, you may opt for bubblers or bridges, which make kids feel like they’re at a waterpark. Your backyard will likely become the neighborhood hangout, so be ready for company!

Updated Decking

Updating your decking will transform your entire backyard while enhancing the safety of those using your pool. Damaged wood decking can make for easy foot injuries or slips, and should be replaced every few years. Opt for unique, lasting material like stamped concrete or natural stone for more longevity.

Pulling It All Together

Renovating your outdoor space might require just a few small additions or a bigger project. Whatever you’re looking for, try to keep the big picture in mind. A beautiful pool surrounded by overgrown landscaping makes for an odd sight. Pull it all together, ensuring the end result is breathtaking.

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5 Showstopping Swimming Pool Details

5 Showstopping Swimming Pool Details

As the days lengthen and the weather gets warmer, the idea of building a pool becomes more and more attractive. For many years, outdoor pools were little more than a rectangular swimming hole. Recently there’s been incredible advances in what’s possible, limited only by the builder’s creativity.

Swimming Pool Details to Amaze

If you’re thinking about adding a swimming pool or upgrading one you already have,  don’t feel restricted by conventional design. Here are 5 details that will take your pool to another level: Even if you opt for a traditional shape, there are many details you can add to enhance your pool and add drama or fun. Click To Tweet 

1) Evening Appeal

Pools used to feature 1 or 2 large lights built into the wall to light up the water for nighttime swimming, with 1 in the deep end and another in the shallow end of the pool. This hardly created ambiance and didn’t provide much in the way of safety lighting. LED lights can be installed under the pool coping or in pipes in the walls. They create a soft glow, perfect for evening swims. Low-voltage lighting around your yard is still the best way to enhance your outdoor living spaces and provides safety to guests walking around the pool at night.

2) Edgeless

An edgeless (or infinity) pool produces a visual effect of water with no boundary. They’re often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water or with the sky.

3) Swim-Up Bar

Extra touches make all the difference in how a pool looks and feels. A swim-up bar at the edge of the pool adds undeniable luxury. For an extra sense of fun, put the bar into an alcove located behind a waterfall.  

4) Fire

There’s almost nothing as dramatic as fire features around your pool on a dark night. Pillars can be added to the corners of your pool with gas fitting that can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch. Such custom features are often added to an existing pool to upgrade its appearance without significant structural renovation.  

5) Lounging Area

Pools that feature a wading area an easily have in-water lounge chairs. Doze for an hour, then transition seamlessly into the pool to cool off. It’s the ultimate in luxury lounging.

A Beautiful Backyard

Pool details and trends have borrowed heavily from luxury resorts and hotels around the US and internationally. Once reserved for vacations, these elements add flair and interest to your own backyard and make you feel like you’re worlds away.

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