Pool Maintenance: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Pool Maintenance: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Pool Maintenance: DIY or Hire a Pro?

If you’re having your swimming pool built in the fall to reduce your wait time, you’re probably looking ahead to the near future for plans. You’ll be able to host pool parties in your own backyard once it’s done, after all! But what happens when the party ends and it’s time to clean up? Do you have a long-term plan to keep your pool clean?

Basic pool maintenance is rarely challenging on its own. The biggest problem you’ll have to deal with is simply finding the time to get all the tasks done. Unfortunately, if you’re an especially busy homeowner, you may struggle to dedicate enough time to do a good job cleaning your pool. When you find yourself in that situation, it’s time to ask: should you stick to DIY or hire a pro?

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Time & Performance

How familiar are you with cleaning and caring for your swimming pool? You probably already know the importance of scooping out leaves and twigs periodically, but do you know the proper chemical balance to prevent algae from forming? What about how to repair or replace a faulty pool filter? If your knowledge is lacking, you may find yourself struggling to do a good job on your own.

On the other hand, even an expert knowledge of pool maintenance doesn’t do much good if you don’t have time to keep your pool clean. Maybe you travel frequently or work long hours and can’t afford the time to dedicate to keeping your pool clean. And unfortunately, a neglected swimming pool will gradually become more and more unpleasant to use.

How Professionals Can Help

When you hire a professional to take care of your pool, you can rest assured they know exactly what they’re doing. They’ve been thoroughly trained to keep your pool as clean as possible using only the best products. Additionally, you never have to worry about them running out of time to care for your pool. Their schedules are built to ensure they take care of every client on time. Your pool will always be sparkling clean!

Pro Tip: Professional pool cleaners may also give you tips on how to prevent your pool from becoming too dirty in between service visits. That way, you don’t have to wait for a visit to keep using your pool!

What Should You Never Do on Your Own?

Even if you opt to handle some or all of the pool maintenance work yourself, there are still several tasks you should always delegate to a professional. Some are simply too risky for you to attempt without expert knowledge. Call an expert to handle these significant issues:

  • Cracks in the pool shell
  • Burnt-out motor or pumps
  • Leaky pipes or hardware
  • Severe algae growth

Enjoy Your Clean Pool!

Whether you ultimately decide to stick with DIY or hire a pro, you and your guests will always appreciate a well-maintained swimming pool for parties and hangouts. If you’d rather save money and get a little exercise, make your monthly pool cleaning your personal DIY project! On the other hand, if you find the time commitment and work too much to handle, hire a professional to give your pool the best treatment possible.

Would you rather DIY or hire a pro for your pool cleaning work? Let us know and learn more about the advantages of either scenario.

Upgrade Your Backyard with These Unique Pool Designs

Upgrade Your Backyard with These Unique Pool Designs

What’s the best way to beat the Houston heat? Swimming, of course! And few things are more satisfying than enjoying your own swimming pool in the comfort and privacy of your own backyard.

Your backyard is your own space–why settle for a standard swimming pool? Customize your design for yourself, your family, and your friends to enjoy for years to come! See if any of these especially unique designs get your creativity flowing.

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Swim-Up Bar

What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a cold glass of wine or beer in your pool? Combine your favorite warm-weather drink with your favorite warm-weather activity with a swim-up bar! This is sure to impress your guests with a fun way to enjoy a drink.

Pro Tip: If you host a lot of guests on a regular basis, a swim-up bar could be just what you need to entertain everyone and keep the party going!

Shallow Water Features

Your pool doesn’t have to be deep in every spot. Experiment with adding shallow areas to create unique features for your custom pool. For instance, have you ever tried a beach entry? This gently sloping edge replaces stairs and conjures up thoughts of walking into the ocean as the land slowly dips lower. This gives your pool a more natural look and complements a nature-oriented backyard.

For an alternative, consider adding a tanning ledge. This portion of your pool averages about 18 inches deep and allows you to set up specialty tanning chairs to stay cool while you lay in the sun. Best of all, your kids can play safely in the shallow water. A tanning ledge is a perfect choice if you love the sun but hate the heat!

Flash & Fire

For an exotic backyard, why not add fire features? A fire pit, a bowl of fire, or similar decoration involving open flames gives an additional flavor to your backyard aesthetic that nothing else can quite match. Not only will these features keep your backyard lit at night and reflect on your rippling pool, but they also give you the chance to hold the occasional marshmallow roasting party. You can’t go wrong with fire accessories in your backyard!

Design Your Dream Pool!

Your custom-designed swimming pool should be as unique as you are. Find the features and style that best match your preferences and contribute to your overall backyard feel. With a little help from a professional pool contractor, you can make your dream pool a reality!

Connect with us to get started building your new swimming pool.

5 Excellent Sources for Pool Construction Loans

5 Excellent Sources for Pool Construction Loans

Whether you want to increase your home’s value or just add a fun new feature to your backyard, it’s hard to go wrong with a swimming pool! A pool has a near-universal appeal to people of all ages looking to exercise or just hang out in the privacy of their own backyard. But in spite of these advantages, some homeowners may find themselves running into obstacles as they try to plan their new backyard paradise. Perhaps the biggest potential problem is the price. Not many homeowners have the spare cash to pay for a pool all at once, after all. Fortunately, anyone looking for a pool contractor has plenty of financing options available to them.

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5 Excellent Sources for Pool Construction Loans, Aquascapes Pools & Spas, Tomball, TX

Where to Get a Pool Loan

Different financial institutions offer loans of varying amounts, program durations, and customizations to make your experience as simple and inexpensive as possible. Several in partnership with Aquascapes even specialize in loans for swimming pools, making them ideal candidates for your needs! Try any of our trusted partners to find your source for an excellent pool loan:

  1. AMS Financial
  2. Lyon Financial
  3. Paramount Pool Financing
  4. HFS Financial
  5. Lendkey

1) AMS Financial

With a site dedicated entirely to swimming pool loans, AMS Financial knows exactly what loans homeowners will need to complete their construction projects. Choose your loan amount, interest rate, and term to get started. The experts at AMS will help you find your ideal loan and get to work on your new pool as soon as possible.

2) Lyon Financial

Lyon Financial has specialized in swimming pool financing since 1979, making them leaders in their field. They offer incentives ranging from 20-year loan terms to electronic documents and rapid approval. Their well-earned reputation is hard to deny! To see if you qualify, call Lyon Financial at 877.754.5966 or apply online today.

3) Paramount Pool Financing

Paramount Pool Financing boasts a very simple application process for anyone searching for a personal loan. Better yet, they go beyond specializing in pool loans–they exclusively deal in loans for swimming pools and general backyard improvement! Get in touch with us to learn more about the program and why we’re an authorized Paramount dealer.

4) HFS Financial

HFS Financial offers a 60-second inquiry that won’t affect your credit score, as well as a sky-high maximum loan amount of $200,000! No matter the amount you need for your backyard renovation, HFS can meet you where you are and help you get the loan you deserve. Apply through their website for more information.

5) Lendkey

As a partner of Aquascapes, Lendkey offers loans paid straight to the contractor to avoid putting the hassle of loan management on you. Whether you have an account at a participating bank or not, Lendkey will work with you to find a bank to finance your project. Cut out the middleman with their streamlined loan strategy!

Pro Tip: A swimming pool loan is a great way to begin covering the cost of the new addition to your backyard! Talk with your pool contractor today for details.

Get Your Swimming Pool Loan Today!

If you can’t afford the entire price of your new pool at once, a well-structured financing option will help you create your dream backyard on a price plan you can handle. Get in touch with us to start designing your new pool and find the best loan for your needs!

Join the conversation to learn more about pool loan amounts, interest rates, and more essential information.

3 Guidelines for Your Swimming Pool Slide

3 Guidelines for Your Swimming Pool Slide

One of the most fun parts of designing your own swimming pool is adding customized features just for yourself or your family. Each choice adds up to a swimming experience uniquely tailored to your preferences. And of all the features you can add, what’s more fun than a swimming pool slide? Kids and adults alike love sliding into the water! But how should you plan for this new addition to the backyard?

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Planning for Your Swimming Pool Slide

Adding a slide to your pool is more complicated than just updating your design. You’ll need to consider such complications as how to keep the slide wet, safety regulations to follow, and whether or not homeowners’ guidelines will allow you to build one in the first place. Let’s take a look at the most important factors to investigate:

  1. Homeowners’ association regulations
  2. Safety considerations
  3. Keeping the slide wet

1) Homeowners’ Association Regulations

Local homeowners’ associations have rules in place about changes you can make to your property. Depending on their exact regulations, your slide may have to have certain dimensions or be a particular color. Even if you don’t think adding a slide will cause problems, make sure to look up your local HOA regulations first. Knowing your responsibilities ahead of time can save you fines and significant revisions later on.

Pro Tip: Besides HOA regulations, what might get in the way of adding custom pool features to your yard? See if you have any pipes, power cords, or other underground obstacles that could be a problem before construction begins.

2) Safety Considerations

How tall will the completed slide be? Will it be made of the same material as the rest of your pool? Will the stairway to reach the top need a handrail? While most safety regulations apply to slides that will be sitting next to your pool rather than build into the structure itself, you should consider how the design and size of the completed slide will impact your family’s safety. 

3) Keeping the Slide Wet

For both comfort and safety’s sake, your new slide has to stay wet. After all, who wants friction burns from sliding down a dry slide in a wet swimsuit? Fortunately, you have a couple of options. The simpler method is to simply get out the garden hose whenever you plan on using your slide and spray the surface down or install a spray kit to keep the hose hooked up to your slide while it’s in use.

However, using the garden hose can lead not only to a chemical imbalance in your pool, but also to potentially causing the pool to overflow and cause water damage to your yard. The better solution is to ask your pool contractor to add plumbing to your slide to pull water from the pool and keep the slide wet. This way, you can enjoy your slide in comfort without the added problems of using a garden hose. 

Enjoy Your New Slide!

It may seem complicated to deal with all the questions and safety concerns during the planning phase. But once you’re done, you’ll be getting a brand new swimming pool slide perfectly tailored to your preferences! What more could you ask for?

Connect with us for more information on the custom features we offer for your pool.

Don’t Get Scammed! Watch for These 3 Pool Contractor Red Flags

Don’t Get Scammed! Watch for These 3 Pool Contractor Red Flags

Building a swimming pool represents a significant investment of time and money. Before making that investment, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve hired a trustworthy pool contractor. If you notice that your pool contractor’s behavior is sending up a few red flags, it’s probably time to hire someone else.

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Signs of a Bad Contractor

A few signs of a less than trustworthy pool builder seem pretty obvious. However, a few may be harder to spot at first glance. Don’t mistake these red flags for just personality differences–you’ll ultimately be the one paying for any mistakes or problems. Here’s what to look out for:

  1. Claims too good to be true
  2. Making themselves look fantastic and others look subpar
  3. High-pressure sales

Don't Get Scammed! Watch Out for These 3 Pool Contractor Red Flags, Aquascapes, LLC, Tomball, TX

1) Claims Too Good to be True

A pool contractor may tell you they can finish your pool in just 2 weeks. Alternatively, they may offer you a ridiculously low estimate that may seem like a fantastic deal. Both cases are massive red flags that something is going on. Make sure your contractor gives you a realistic time frame: a pool typically takes 8-12 weeks to complete, with 6 weeks being considered a rush job. Additionally, research the average prices for pools in your area. If the price seems too good to be true, the contractor is either lying or hoping to upsell additional expensive features to you further down the line.

2) Making Themselves Look Fantastic and Others Look Subpar

This isn’t to say pool contractors shouldn’t promote themselves. Good marketing is a critical part of any business strategy. However, their self-promotion should focus on what they can do for you and how well they can perform, not how terrible the competition is by comparison. This could indicate that they really don’t have much to offer you. Additionally, do you really want to deal with someone who has that low a view of others in their field?

Pro Tip: Does a contractor’s material focus on their own accomplishments and how well they can help you build a pool? If it demonizes their competition instead, you’re dealing with an unprofessional contractor.

3) High-Pressure Sales

The pool contractor is working for you, building a pool in your backyard for you to use. If they’re dictating to you what features you absolutely must or must not include (beyond the typical promotional offerings a salesman will have), they’re overstepping their boundaries. This can go hand in hand with the claim of a low price from earlier–demanding salesmen could make your estimate skyrocket by adding a bunch of features that cost unreasonable amounts of money. Find a contractor who will listen to your input and build the pool you want, instead of the pool they want to sell you.

Find a Good Contractor

Don’t let a scam artist ruin your pool project! Find a pool builder you can trust to be honest every step of the way, incorporate your input as much as possible, and do exactly what they’re capable of. Let our expert designers help you start creating your dream pool today!

Connect with us to learn more about our custom pool building services.

Don’t Make These 3 Pool Design Mistakes!

Don’t Make These 3 Pool Design Mistakes!

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment most people will make in their entire lives. For many homeowners, the next-biggest investment is any additional home renovations or additions they may choose to make. Considering the largely permanent nature of these renovations, such as a swimming pool, it goes without saying that most people want to get it right the first time.

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Designing Your Dream Pool

Your swimming pool and customized backyard will be part of your house for the foreseeable future. Do you know exactly what you want? Are you sure you’re ready to start building? Make sure you aren’t making these 3 common mistakes before you get started:

  1. Forgetting to plan your backyard usage
  2. Hiring a specialized contractor
  3. Neglecting your long-term plan

1) Forgetting to Plan Your Backyard Usage

Most homeowners who go all-out with a swimming pool and other backyard features have plans to entertain large groups of people in the future. Naturally, you’ll want to have enough room to accommodate everyone. But you also need to consider the occasions you’ll be observing and who you’ll be inviting over. Work-related dinners probably don’t need to involve a hot tub, for instance, while a casual birthday party might revolve around the swimming pool. As you design your renovated backyard, make sure it meets your needs.

2) Hiring a Specialized Contractor

Companies that exclusively build swimming pools likely won’t help you create the rest of your backyard. After all, they only really know how to design and build a pool. You can avoid this problem by hiring someone who specializes not just in swimming pools, but in designing new backyard experiences. These contractors will look at the big picture and help you construct your pool so that it complements your other backyard features, whether they’re currently in place or just planned.

Pro Tip: Find a contractor that will help you create an entire outdoor living environment, not just build a new pool.

3) Neglecting Your Long-Term Plan

What will your backyard look like once it’s done? Will you stick with a pool or add an outdoor kitchen or more custom features? Your answer could influence your pool design, and an expert contractor will realize this and help you plan accordingly. For instance, an outdoor kitchen will require underground gas, water, and electrical connections that could interfere with your pool if you don’t plan ahead. Let an expert help you develop your long-term plan and construct your pool accordingly.

Building Your Ideal Backyard

These all-too-common pool design mistakes could get in the way of creating the perfect backyard experience for yourself and your friends. Don’t let that happen! With a knowledgeable building company to help you and an excellent plan for your long-term backyard usage, you’re sure to be able to create a fantastic experience.

Join the conversation for more insights on customizing your backyard and building your dream pool!