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Houston winters are generally very mild and rarely involve snow. However, we inevitably experience a bit of a nip in the air every year well into January. When exactly these sudden temperature changes will arrive is also somewhat unpredictable. As many Houstonians know firsthand, a warm day can turn into sweater weather overnight this time of year!

Don’t let the chilly weather force you to stay indoors all winter! With a few special additions, your backyard will be comfortable regardless of the weather. For an especially cozy addition, how about giving yourself an outdoor fire to complete the winter atmosphere? And don’t worry–you’ll want to use your new fire feature even in the summer! Learn more about our different types of fire features here.

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Why Install a Fire Feature?

Fire pits are natural crowd pleasers! An open flame provides the perfect focal point for a party, dinner under the stars, or even an at-home date night. Even better, that’s a section of the backyard where you don’t have to worry about lighting! No amount of fancy decor or electric lighting will be able to compete with the natural atmosphere of an outdoor fire pit.

Backyard Fire Pits

The most common fire feature homeowners choose is a fire pit. An inground stone fire pit not only provides an excellent accessory to any evening party, but it’s also the perfect place to grill over an open flame! Kids will also love the chance to roast marshmallows in their own backyard. Best of all, once the sun has set, the reflection of flames in your swimming pool is truly a sight to behold.

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to use your fire pit for cooking as well as for a party atmosphere, talk to your pool contractor about installing a wood-burning pit instead of a gas-powered one.

Bowls of Fire

A bowl of fire uses the same idea as a fire pit, but usually on a smaller scale and with a bit of a twist. Bowls of fire are generally used more for decoration than for functionality. While this does make them less useful if you want to cook over an open fire, their smaller size and greater versatility mean they can be installed just about anywhere. Some homeowners even have fire bowls installed on top of pool scuppers to put the flames right next to the water for a truly exotic appearance! Choosing a bowl of fire lets you get more creative with your placement and design.

Add a Flair to Your Backyard!

With the addition of a backyard fire pit, you’ll be ready to enjoy the rest of winter in outdoor comfort. And once summer comes, you won’t want to stop using your fire pit! What started as an addition to keep you warm and cozy will contribute to an appealing backyard atmosphere all year round.

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