The 5 Most Unique Pool Design Features

The 5 Most Unique Pool Design Features

The 5 Most Unique Pool Design Features

The warm weather in Texas is meant to be spent poolside. If you’re considering adding a pool to your backyard, you’ll want to consider size, shape and style. You don’t have to settle for a rectangle or kidney bean-shaped pool. With a little imagination, you can create a completely unique pool design unlike any other! Want a pool that's totally unique to you? Here are some amazing design features to set your pool apart. Click To Tweet

Pool Design Features To Impress

It seems that more and more residential pools are mimicking the high-end finishes and design features once reserved for fancy hotel pools.

  1. Tanning Ledge
  2. Beach Entry
  3. Swim-Up Bar
  4. Fire Features
  5. Lazy Rizer

1) Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledge is typically around 5 feet by 10 feet and only an average of 18 inches deep. Specialty tanning chairs can be placed semi-underwater to allow you to stay cool while you layout, but in addition to that, the shallow area on a tanning ledge is a safe place for your kids to enjoy the cool water on a hot day.

2) Beach Entry

A beach entry is reminiscent of the gradual slope down into the water that you would experience at the ocean. This requires something of a deeper pool, but many parents love it for small kids, and for its unique look.

3) Swim-Up Bar

Nothing says luxury quite like enjoying an adult beverage right in your own pool bar! Whether you create a grotto bra underneath a waterfall, or simply add stools and a ledge to your pool design there’s no limit to the creative ways you could design your bar.

4) Fire Features

There is something both luxurious and romantic about implementing fire features into your pool design. The flames reflecting off the water are soothing and tranquil at night, and provide light to those moving around the pool.

5) Lazy Rizer

The lazy river, once reserved for water parks only, has become residential. You can incorporate into the design of your pool, or do a giant lazy river that meanders around your entire property.

Pro Tip: The key to designing a one of a kind pool is working with a professional pool builder.

A Pool With Personality

Whether you’re building a new pool or renovating an existing pool, there’s no limit to what you can do. Working with a professional designer will get you the best results, and a pool to love for years to come.

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Creating a Backyard Destination: Outdoor Fire Features

Creating a Backyard Destination: Outdoor Fire Features

Wouldn’t you love to come home to a calming, peaceful outdoor oasis? A custom pool is a great place to start, but don’t stop there. Enhance your backyard with a custom outdoor fire feature. Imagine sitting around the pool watching the flames reflect off the water. Magic! Fire features add an undeniable ambiance of excitement to any backyard. Click To Tweet

Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire Features

Fire features add ambiance, warmth, and light to your backyard activities. Whether you’re gathered with friends and family, warming yourself on cool nights, or stargazing, modern fire elements are safe, beautiful and easy to operate. Depending on space and budget, here are 3 good options:


Typical inside many homes, the fireplace is a classic choice. Perfect for multiple people, this popular option creates a romantic, cozy setting for intimate gatherings with friends and family. These fireplaces are enclosed and easy to use even on windy nights. You can choose between natural gas, propane, or wood burning fireplaces with a variety of styles and functions. An outdoor fireplace is sure to become a rustic focal point in your backyard.

Fire Pit

This option is ideal for entertaining large groups and evokes the feeling of sitting around a campfire. It can be low to the ground or set into a foundation to provide elevation. It can be made from a variety of materials including brick, stone, or concrete. A built-in firepit provides a more upscale appearance than a portable one. If you host a lot of parties or are looking for a place to gather, this may be a good option for you.

Fire Bowl

Another great option for entertaining, a fire bowl adds a dash of modern flair. They’re usually made of copper, concrete, steel, cast iron, or bronze and often come with legs and a mesh cover. Fueled by natural gas, propane, wood, or clean-burning gel, you can choose based on the type of flame and smell you’d prefer. Some are even designed to accommodate grilling. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, from very basic to downright opulent. Opt for one that’s filled with colored fiberglass, lava rock, and other fire-retardant decorative fillers, or go for a rustic design with a copper bowl and iron details.

The Perfect Detail

Outdoor fire features are the perfect element to bring warmth, luxury, and light to your backyard. Whether you want a rustic fireplace or modern glass fire bowl, Aquascapes has something for every taste.

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The Best Ways to Add Drama to Your Outdoor Space

The Best Ways to Add Drama to Your Outdoor Space

Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you find that your backyard has become a bit drab or boring. Sure, you’d love to entertain and spend time outdoors, but gazing out at a blank canvas, it’s hard to know where to begin. Adding drama to your outdoor space transforms it from a neglected yard into a destination. Click To Tweet

Add Drama to Your Outdoor Space

If you’re looking for a way to make your yard stand out, the answer might be simpler than you’d expect. While most people focus on landscaping, adding an unexpected natural element can spice things up faster than any tree.


A custom pool is the ultimate way to add drama to your backyard. With the right lights, your one of a kind waterscape can cast glittering prisms of light even on the darkest nights. These features are beautiful to look at, both in the daytime and evening hours. With landscaping surrounding it, you’ve got your own private oasis.


Whether you use your fire feature for making smores in colder months or you just want to create some ambiance, the type of fire feature you choose should reflect your lifestyle. Recessed fire pits are great for modern patios while stacked stone fireplaces add rustic charm.  Consider a poolside fire feature lighting one or more corners of your pool for gorgeous evening drama.


Building an outdoor living room, kitchen or lounging area is the perfect way to add form and function to your yard. With endless options, from the basic to the luxurious, a stone or hybrid patio can extend your living space and improve the overall look of your home.

Make a Statement

Any of these customized outdoor elements will add a touch of class, making a statement to everyone who visits your home. “Drama” is just another word for interest, and there will be no shortage of that with an outdoor space sure to make the neighbor’s take notice!

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Creative Backyard Privacy Options For Your Home

Creative Backyard Privacy Options For Your Home

Sunshine and warm temperatures are now beckoning you and your family outside, so it’s important that you’re able to enjoy your backyard without worrying about curious neighbors. There are many ways to create privacy in your backyard, from perimeter plantings to fences, stone walls, or garden structures. Click To Tweet

Backyard Privacy Options

Finding a privacy solution isn’t a one size fits all endeavor. Perhaps you need full yard coverage, or simply need to block one side of your yard.  Whatever your needs, you’re going to need to create privacy in one form or another. Here are some helpful tips:

Natural Privacy

Property-line plantings can provide year-round screening and shade. Where space is limited, opt for fast-growing evergreens like Italian cypress and arborvitae can provide a simple solution for separating property lines. Planting a mix of deciduous or evergreen trees, shrubs, and perennials create a natural look, particularly if you layer them.

Fence or Wall

A traditional wood fence comes in various styles to complement the architecture of your home. A fence might solve the privacy problem, but it’s not always the most beautiful solution. To break up the plain appearance, add an open lattice top, and planting flowering or climbing plants in front to soften the stark wood. Iron or brick fencing and border walls are also elegant alternatives to wood.


Adding a beautiful custom pergola created dimension and privacy in your backyard. It can turn a hot tub into a private soaking area, or a dining set into an al fresco outdoor dining room. Add climbing vines to create a natural Tuscan feel to your outdoor living area.

Maintain Audio Privacy

Even if you can’t actually see the neighbors, you may still be close enough to hear their conversations or backyard ruckus. Maybe you’re tired of the constant traffic noise coming from nearby. Adding an outdoor fountain to your yard or poolscape can mask unwanted sounds with pleasant white noise. Fountains not only create ambiance and tranquility but are beautiful to boot!

A Space of Your Own

Even if you love your neighbors, it’s nice to occasionally step outside without having to strike up a conversation. The whole point of a backyard is to create a safe outdoor living space for you to relax and entertain in. Whether you’re daydreaming of evening swims or private lounging by the pool, you should be able to enjoy your backyard in peace and privacy!

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7 Incredible Pools To Inspire Your Next Waterscape Project

7 Incredible Pools To Inspire Your Next Waterscape Project

Lounging poolside is a favorite summer pastime for nearly everyone.  Whether it’s in your own backyard or a faraway destination, there’s nothing more relaxing than a crystal blue pool. No matter where you are in the world, nothing says luxury quite like a one-of-a-kind #pool! Click To Tweet

From Backyard to Bali: 7 Incredible Pools

With summer in full swing and temperatures on the rise, it’s time to start hitting your local pool. While the standard pool designs can cool you off, why not dive into the deep end with some truly incredible pools? Daydream of faraway places, or get inspiration for your own backyard oasis with these pools from around the world:

The Library

The Library Hotel is located in Koh Samui, Thailand. Its swimming pool features a mosaic of deep red tiles contrasting against the white sandy beach it faces. The hotel’s library offers a collection of more than 1,300 books to read poolside.

Gellert Hotel

In Budapest, Hungary, the Gellert Hotel pool is actually mineral baths that fill the thermal pool, naturally reaching temperatures of up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s reminiscent of a Roman bath, with mosaics, marble sculptures, and columns under a gorgeous stained glass skylight.

Hanging Gardens

If you’re lucky enough to stay at the Hanging Gardens Hotel in the Balinese jungle, you’ll get to enjoy sunsets through the trees as you swim in a two-tiered infinity pool that seems to hang in the treetops over the lush rainforest and river below.

San Alfonso del Mar

The San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile is one of the world’s largest, with space for small paddle boats and sailboats. The crystal-clear pool looks more like a lagoon at more than 20-acres. Its  66 million gallons of water is filtered from the Pacific Ocean.

Bauhaus Bedroom Pool

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, this private residence pool sits atop the master bedroom. With a glass bottom and a large skylight in the master bedroom ceiling, you’ll drift to sleep feeling like you’re under the sea.

Grace Santorini

A boutique hotel in Santorini, Greece, the pool offers the largest infinity pool on the island, where you can swim up to the edge and gaze across the sparkling cobalt-blue Aegean Sea, which is particularly impressive at sunset.

Bigger in Texas

This private residence pool in Houston, Texas (featured here) is shaped like the state itself! With a square hot tub at the top end (Amarillo) and stairs at the bottom tip (South Padre Island), this completely unique custom pool proves that everything’s bigger and better in Texas! 

Taking The Plunge

If you’re ready to design or remodel your own pool, consider thinking outside the box. Use these pools as inspiration to guide you to a backyard waterscape you’ll never want to leave!

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5 Showstopping Swimming Pool Details

5 Showstopping Swimming Pool Details

As the days lengthen and the weather gets warmer, the idea of building a pool becomes more and more attractive. For many years, outdoor pools were little more than a rectangular swimming hole. Recently there’s been incredible advances in what’s possible, limited only by the builder’s creativity.

Swimming Pool Details to Amaze

If you’re thinking about adding a swimming pool or upgrading one you already have,  don’t feel restricted by conventional design. Here are 5 details that will take your pool to another level: Even if you opt for a traditional shape, there are many details you can add to enhance your pool and add drama or fun. Click To Tweet 

1) Evening Appeal

Pools used to feature 1 or 2 large lights built into the wall to light up the water for nighttime swimming, with 1 in the deep end and another in the shallow end of the pool. This hardly created ambiance and didn’t provide much in the way of safety lighting. LED lights can be installed under the pool coping or in pipes in the walls. They create a soft glow, perfect for evening swims. Low-voltage lighting around your yard is still the best way to enhance your outdoor living spaces and provides safety to guests walking around the pool at night.

2) Edgeless

An edgeless (or infinity) pool produces a visual effect of water with no boundary. They’re often designed so that the edge appears to merge with a larger body of water or with the sky.

3) Swim-Up Bar

Extra touches make all the difference in how a pool looks and feels. A swim-up bar at the edge of the pool adds undeniable luxury. For an extra sense of fun, put the bar into an alcove located behind a waterfall.  

4) Fire

There’s almost nothing as dramatic as fire features around your pool on a dark night. Pillars can be added to the corners of your pool with gas fitting that can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch. Such custom features are often added to an existing pool to upgrade its appearance without significant structural renovation.  

5) Lounging Area

Pools that feature a wading area an easily have in-water lounge chairs. Doze for an hour, then transition seamlessly into the pool to cool off. It’s the ultimate in luxury lounging.

A Beautiful Backyard

Pool details and trends have borrowed heavily from luxury resorts and hotels around the US and internationally. Once reserved for vacations, these elements add flair and interest to your own backyard and make you feel like you’re worlds away.

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