4 Safety Features to Add to Your Pool

4 Safety Features to Add to Your Pool

4 Safety Features to Add to Your Pool

A swimming pool is a perfect addition to anyone’s backyard during the hot summer months. However, homeowners should remember that a swimming pool is still an open body of water. Even if you’re confident your family and friends know better than to get hurt while swimming, accidents may still happen. That’s why it’s so important to select and install good swimming pool safety features long before anything goes wrong.

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4 Safety Features to Add to Your Pool, Aquascapes, LLC, Houston

Swimming Pool Safety Features

While not every item of pool safety equipment is legally required for homeowners, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a swimming pool. Before you or anyone else start using your pool, make sure these features are installed and working properly:

  1. Pool fences
  2. Covers
  3. Anti-entrapment equipment
  4. Alarms

1) Pool Fences

In Texas, swimming pool owners are required to install a 4-foot fence around an inground pool to prevent people from falling in. The law leaves room for particular appearances and styles, so long as a fence is constructed. This feature is especially critical for families with small children. Read more about your legal responsibilities and pool fence requirements here.

2) Covers

There are two primary types of safety covers for swimming pools: conventional tarp-like covers and a pool net. Both are about equally effective at preventing people from accidentally falling in, though they both have other pros and cons of their own. For instance, a pool net lets you enjoy the natural atmosphere of an open body of water at all times but doesn’t catch leaves that may fall into your pool. As long as you choose a reliable safety cover, the aesthetics are entirely your choice.

3) Anti-Entrapment Equipment

A pool or spa drain creates a powerful suction that even adults have trouble escaping. Imagine what could happen to a child! Because of the danger these drains can present, many pool owners are highly encouraged or required to use anti-entrapment equipment, which is simply pool parts that cover drains and facilitate a quick emergency shutdown if necessary. This is perhaps one of the most crucial pieces of pool safety equipment you could possibly buy. Learn more about this equipment’s legal history and your exact responsibilities here.

Pro Tip: The same requirements and recommendations for pool drain covers apply to public pools too. If you notice a public pool has uncovered drains, the risk isn’t worth it–find a safer place to swim.

4) Alarms

Finally, one excellent way to secure your swimming pool is to make sure that no one gets in without your permission. Install alarms on pool covers, gates in pool fences, and any other access points so you know immediately if someone tries to sneak in. While it may not save someone from drowning, it can prevent the situation from ever escalating to that point in the first place.

Protecting Yourself and Others

You can never predict a swimming pool accident or emergency. If you or a friend make a mistake near the pool, you’ll be immensely grateful you made sure your swimming pool’s safety features were installed correctly and ready to protect you.

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Designing a Backyard Ready for Pool Parties

Designing a Backyard Ready for Pool Parties

Who doesn’t love a backyard pool party? Now that the weather is finally beginning to cool down, it’s the perfect time to have your friends and family over for a swim and a cookout. Is your backyard up to the challenge?

If your backyard needs a bit of a facelift before you can host party guests, make sure you know what to plan for. Do you entertain guests often? You’ll probably need a more elaborate backyard built to keep a large group comfortable. If your guests tend to be small friend gatherings instead of huge groups, you may not need quite as many lavish accessories. Let’s take a look at different features that may be appropriate for different backyard uses.

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How Many Guests and How Often?

Do you host the entire neighborhood every weekend, or is your backyard just the occasional hangout spot for yourself and a few friends? Ultimately, your backyard’s features depend on your party habits. For frequent parties involving dozens of guests, a fully furnished outdoor kitchen and covered dining area will give you and your partygoers plenty of room to cook and share a big meal. On the other hand, if you don’t entertain crowds nearly that often, you may just want a few smaller features. A fire pit or hearth gives you the chance to cook a few simple dishes over an open fire, for instance, or you could opt for a slightly less lavish outdoor kitchen better suiting your smaller gatherings.

Who are You Hosting For?

Regardless of the number of guests, it’s also important to consider who is coming to your house and why. Hosting a birthday party is very different from hosting a semi-formal dinner with your boss. Who you’re hosting has an immediate effect on your entire evening from the food you serve to the outfit you wear to greet everyone. However, it can and should also affect the semi-permanent features you add to your backyard. A swimming pool may be a great idea for birthdays and family reunions, while it’s less of a good feature for a business dinner. Plan your backyard design around your most frequent guests.

Will You Use the Backyard Yourself?

If you don’t spend much time in your backyard outside of holding parties there, there may not be much point in installing elaborate features that will barely be used. Fortunately, there are two possible solutions to this problem. The first is to install protection over rarely used features to lower required maintenance and ensure they’re ready for your next party. For instance, if your pool mainly exists for birthday parties and those don’t happen very often, keep it covered when not in use to keep bugs and leaves out.

The second solution is to simply spend more time outside! After all, that new pool or outdoor kitchen is as much for you as your guests. Take advantage of it and soak up some sun as the weather begins to cool down.

Pro Tip: Between parties, convert your covered outdoor dining area into a storage space or hangout area with some comfy chairs. Add a single-stall bathroom or closet for an especially relaxing environment!

A Backyard Pool Party to Remember!

A custom-designed backyard is a perfect way to enjoy the pleasant weather and entertain your friends. As you plan your backyard pool party, consider upgrading a few existing backyard accessories or adding some new ones. You may be surprised at what a difference it makes!

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5 Custom Features to Make Your Pool Stand Out

5 Custom Features to Make Your Pool Stand Out

Adding a swimming pool to your backyard already gives your house a unique flare and certainly more curb appeal. Why not step it up a little? Make this new custom swimming pool as uniquely yours as possible with a few extra features. Your pool contractor will help you make your vision a reality.

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Customizing Your Dream Backyard

A custom pool is designed to fit perfectly with the rest of your backyard, along with your overall home aesthetic. As part of your design, you should consider any additional custom features that appeal to you. Do any of these popular choices match your backyard design?

  1. Fire
  2. Bubblers
  3. Bridges
  4. Waterfalls
  5. Slides

1) Fire

A fire pit, a bowl of fire, or another fire feature near your swimming pool adds an exotic atmosphere to your backyard. Imagine what an after-dark pool party would look like! As a bonus, adventurous homeowners can hold a marshmallow roasting session over an open fire without going on a long camping trip.

2) Bubblers

Fountains are always a popular way to make elegant use of water. You can replicate this on a smaller scale by adding bubblers to your pool, filling your backyard with the sound of softly splashing water. For a truly magical look, install LED lights in your bubblers and flip them on after dark.

3) Bridges

How many people can say they’ve swum under a bridge before? If your swimming pool pinches to a narrow point, a bridge not only gives you a quick way across, but it also gives you the unique opportunity to swim underneath a bridge in your own backyard. Connect different parts of your pool or yard with an elegant bridge!

4) Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a simple but elegant way to make decorative use of the water in your pool. Whether you opt for a natural-looking waterfall over a rock formation or a more modern waterfall that looks like a sheet of glass, your custom pool builder will help you find the perfect waterfall to match your overall pool aesthetic.

Pro Tip: The sound of running water is almost universally considered soothing and comforting. A waterfall gives you the chance to enjoy a relaxing sound as you swim or host a party!

5) Slides

Looking for a special way to entertain your kids or frequent guests? What about a pool slide? Add an equally elegant and stable stone pool slide to your design for an additional fun feature. Combine a slide with a rock waterfall for a particularly creative appearance!

Your Backyard Paradise

A custom swimming pool is a perfect addition to your unique backyard paradise, and a great way to show off your creativity in pool design. Choose some custom features from the list or talk with your swimming pool builder about your own ideas. Make your pool match your home and your personality!

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6 Swimming Pool Ideas for a Creative Design

6 Swimming Pool Ideas for a Creative Design

A swimming pool on its own already adds a lot to your home. But why settle for just a typical pool? An unconventional shape or eye-catching accessories could be the perfect finishing touch to your new backyard paradise. These swimming pool ideas will help you turn your new pool into a one-of-a-kind home addition!

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Popular Pool Concepts & Designs

Swimming pools come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Depending on how your backyard looks right now and your plans for any future designs, some of these pool styles may work better than others. Which of these popular ideas will look the best in your backyard?

  1. Modern
  2. Natural
  3. Illuminated
  4. Uniquely shaped
  5. Party-ready
  6. Tropical

1) Modern

Modern designs tend to focus on clean, defined shapes, particularly shapes with prominent corners or edges. A modern-style pool will likely be shaped like a rectangle and lined with a single neutral color. This clean, uniform style adds a touch of class to your backyard and is the perfect way to round out a simpler design.

2) Natural

For a natural-looking pool, homeowners prefer to channel a less artificial appearance. A pool in this style might be round or even serpentine in imitation of natural ponds or lakes. Add in a nearby flower garden and you have a natural pond transplanted into your backyard! A few nearby trees or a wooden pergola to shade the pool will complete the atmosphere.

Pro Tip: If plants will be growing near your pool, be diligent to scoop fallen leaves, bugs, flower petals, or other debris regularly to keep your pool filters from clogging.

3) Illuminated

This one works regardless of your final pool shape. A few strategically placed underwater LED lights give you a magical swimming experience, particularly after dark when the water illuminates from underneath. Imagine how an evening party will go with a lit-up pool!

4) Uniquely Shaped

Unconventional shapes for your pool, such as a serpentine or polygonal design, add a touch of personality to your backyard. A few particularly inventive homeowners may also consider an infinity pool, a pool where the water flows over an edge to create the illusion that the pool goes on forever or merges with the horizon. This is particularly a clever idea if your home is slightly elevated so it appears your pool ends in a waterfall. Different shapes and edging styles will give you a truly customized experience with your pool!

5) Party-Ready

If you know your family, friends, or neighbors love to hold parties in your yard, why not design a pool to accommodate them? Make the pool big and deep enough for everyone to fit, and don’t forget to add an outdoor kitchen or firepit to your overall design. Encourage everyone to come straight from the pool to a meal cooked outdoors over an open fire. Your friends are sure to love the new hangout spot!

6) Tropical

For a tropical experience in your backyard, start with a natural pool shape to mimic a tide pool on the beach. Line the shell with white or pale colors to emphasize the clear water. Lastly, if your backyard has room, add a few palm trees and beach chairs. Bring the island beach right to your house!

Completing Your Outdoor Living Space

Maybe this swimming pool is the finishing touch to your backyard, or maybe it’s just the first of many changes to your outdoor hangout spot. Whatever the case, make sure to begin this project with a good idea of what your finished pool will look like. This addition to your backyard is sure to be more than worth the wait!

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How to Find the Best Inground Pool Installation Company Near You

How to Find the Best Inground Pool Installation Company Near You

Installing a brand new swimming pool is an exciting time for any homeowner. Of course, the most important first step is finding a pool installation company that you can trust. The multitude of options in Houston may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry. Keep these important factors in mind before shelling out thousands of dollars for that new pool.

Not all pool builders are created equal. Many will offer better warranties, faster service, or simply a better final product than others. Don’t assume that the lowest price tag automatically makes one company the best option.

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Pool Features and Construction Materials

If your dream swimming pool includes such features as waterfalls and slides, don’t settle for a plain pool simply because your first choice doesn’t offer those customizations. This is your dream pool and you deserve the best. Hire a company that can make your dream come true.

Additionally, don’t try to save money or cut corners on quality construction materials. Your savings right now can turn into high repair costs later if the cheap concrete or tile falls apart down the road. Ask the company specific questions about their building materials and how long you can expect the finished product to last.

Pro Tip: Ask about safety features for your pool as well before hiring a builder. Some safety features can’t be easily installed on a completed pool.

Maintenance and Repairs

Don’t let yourself be stuck with a future repair job that can either drain your wallet or damage your pool even further. Read every word in your contract and make sure you understand the builder’s warranty and repair policy. Know when to call them for repairs and how much to budget for the required work.

Designing Your Inground Swimming Pool

Even if you don’t have a complete picture in your head yet, discuss some ideas with your pool builder. Take note of how open they are to your questions and ideas. Do they seem to be listening to you? Are their suggestions legitimate, professional thoughts or are they trying to upsell expensive features you don’t want?

Remember, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars for this company to build you a pool. If they can’t even listen to you and work with you to design your dream pool, why should you hire them?

Waiting for Dig Day

Hiring a pool builder is a significant and costly decision, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. Find a company that listens to what you want and provides the level of maintenance and quality you deserve.

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Creating a Mosquito Free Zone in Your Backyard Oasis

Creating a Mosquito Free Zone in Your Backyard Oasis

In the south, you just kind of expect mosquito bites in the summer months. Unless, of course, you bathe in insect repellent or wear long sleeves. (Basically impossible during Texas summers) The mosquitos just love the humid, hot weather. Constantly fighting off annoying mosquitos can make enjoying your backyard really difficult.

While bug spray and citronella candles are really helpful in keeping mosquitos away; the solution doesn’t last for very long. You have to apply and reapply your insect repellent to deter mosquitos. Then, you’re stuck smelling like chemicals and feeling greasy. Is your backyard ready for Texas mosquito season? Find out how a mosquito misting system can improve your backyard! Click To Tweet

Mosquito Misting System

While pool design and construction is our primary specialty, we’re passionate about outdoor living and want to help you turn your backyard into an oasis. Our mosquito misting system is the best mosquito control solution in Houston. We create a mosquito-free zone bordering your yard. You can set a timer to have the pest control system spray the mist during dawn and dusk, or whenever you’d like.

Pro Tip: If you’re tired of mosquitoes ruining your time outside, consider the advantages of a mosquito misting system.

Safe for Pets & Kids

Our unique mosquito control solution is formulated with ingredients that mosquitoes can’t stand. While mosquitoes hate our mist, pets and kids won’t be bothered. The scent is light and you probably won’t even notice it. We use the highest quality ingredients that are completely harmless and non-toxic for your kids and fur babies.

Doesn’t Kill Mosquitoes

A great thing about our mosquito misting systems is that they don’t harm the mosquitoes. They just don’t like the ingredients in the mist. We create a safe zone that will stays mosquito-free.

Mosquito-Free Backyard

Mosquito misting systems are completely necessary to not only be unbothered by mosquitoes but to keep you and your family safe from the disease-carrying pests. If you want to relax and comfortably enjoy your backyard without receiving itchy mosquito bites, you should definitely consider installing a mosquito misting system.

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