3 Essential Swimming Pool Upgrades

A backyard pool provides endless hours of fun and relaxation for the entire family. It’s great for hosting parties, getting exercise, and simply relaxing after a long day at work. Why not make it easier and better for you in the process?

Swimming Pool Upgrades to Save You Time, Money, and Energy

There are countless upgrades you can choose from to improve functionality, aesthetics, and to make it easier. Consider these 3 essential custom pool upgrades to make your pool use more efficient and more convenient:

1) Automation System with Internet Connection

Install an automation system and eliminate frequent trips to your equipment pad. Program your water temperature, pool pump, lights, jet, etc with a remote attached to the pad itself. Add the benefit of internet connectivity to control your automation system from a computer or smartphone wherever you are. Imagine setting your water temperature and getting the spa jets going as you leave home from work and coming home to perfect relaxation in your backyard pool.

2) Energy Efficient Equipment

This particular upgrade is extremely valuable and environmentally responsible. Consider a multi-speed “smart” pump to cut your electrical costs by up to 90%. These pumps typically pay for themselves within the first year of usage. Install LED pool lights to cut your energy consumption by up to 86% while providing brighter lighting. You can also opt for eco-friendly cartridge filters to eliminate your need to backwash and discharge water and chemicals from the pool.

3) Automatic Pool Cover

This simple and convenient upgrade features one-button operation for ease of daily use. It’s safer to keep your pool covered when not in use because it prevents accidental drowning of pets and small children. It also keeps your pool cleaner and free of debris. It prevents evaporation and helps maintain your pool temperature. You are much more likely to keep your pool covered when not in use with an automatic cover than one that requires manual operation.

Swim With Ease, Swim in Style

There’s nothing like making a fun, relaxing activity more convenient and efficient. Your backyard pool is a source of endless entertainment and relaxation. Consider kicking it up a notch with these 3 essential swimming pool upgrades.

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