10 Essential Gunite Pool Maintenance Tips

If you have a gunite pool, which is likely here in our Texas heat, maintenance is an essential part of pool ownership. It’s critical to keeping your gunite pool ready to use when you need it and to get the longest life possible out of it. Keep the fun in the summer sun with the following pool maintenance tips.

Gunite Pool Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Pool Ready for Use

A gunite pool is a great option for the warmer climate in Texas. Those hot summer days are perfect for hours of fun in the swimming pool. Make sure you get the most out of your investment by properly cleaning and maintaining your gunite pool.

1) Timing is everything

Before the pool can be used, it must be prepared. Each year, preparations should start when the days begin to get warmer and the cold seems to be over. Gather all the supplies and chemicals you will need to fill and maintain the pool. Don’t wait too long after the warmer weather arrives.

2) Clearing debris

Leaves, bugs, and other debris will accumulate in your pool all year long. Unfortunately, there’s really no way to avoid it with an outdoor pool. However, neglecting to clear away debris increases your risk for algae growth and circulation issues. Use a long-handled net to clear away debris from the surface and bottom of the pool.

3) Cleaning the interior

While clearing debris regularly is essential, buildup will also accumulate on the pool walls and floor. Using either a manual vacuum or automatic cleaner, scrub the interior of the pool every couple of weeks to keep the floor and walls clean. Allowing too long to go between cleanings makes this part of pool maintenance much harder.

4) Clean the filter

Your pool filter is critical in keeping your pool water clean and pleasant to swim in. As it filters out dirt and grime from your pool water, it also needs to be cleaned regularly. How often and how difficult it is to clean is determined by the type of filter your pool requires. Some may need attention several times a month. Check your pool manual for this crucial information.

5) Check for leaks

Assemble the filter and pump and perform a leak inspection before using it in the pool. Doing this each year as part of your prep work will minimize the chances of a surprise leak midway through the season.

6) Test chemicals

Keeping the chemicals in your pool properly balanced throughout the time of use is essential to having clean, clear water. Weekly testing of alkalinity, pH balance, and chlorine levels is recommended. This helps prevent algae growth and other less than desirable issues.

7) Maintain correct water level

The heat from the sun will evaporate water over time, so don’t be alarmed if your water level decreases. It’s important to maintain adequate water levels so your skimmers can properly filter the water. If you have an automatic water supply, you may not have to worry about this part. However, if you ever need to add more water, you can do so at any time with a garden hose. Make sure to rebalance the chemicals each time you add water.

8) Use the pump daily

Your pump should run daily, but that doesn’t mean it has to be running constantly. While how much it should run depends on the frequency of use and heat levels, at least 8 hours a day should be sufficient to keep the chemicals properly balanced.

9) Clean skimmer and pump baskets weekly

In addition to cleaning the filter regularly, your skimmer and pump baskets should be cleaned weekly for optimal water cleanliness. For debris that is hard to get out, simply use a water hose. When the pool is not in use, keep it covered and try to keep bushes, hedges, and trees trimmed away from around the pool to minimize debris going in.

10) Winterize

If you’re not going to completely drain the pool each winter, it’s important to winterize it to avoid issues from springing on you when you want to use it again. Failing to do so could result in cracks in the plaster or cement of the walls and floors. You’ll need to maintain the chemical balance throughout the winter, apply pool shock and algaecide, thoroughly clean pump and filter, drain water to the recommended level, drain pool hoses, and cover the pool.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming

This may sound like a lot of work and, to be fair, it can be. However, you can significantly decrease your part in the labor by working with a company that provides pool maintenance services. That way you know your pool will be professionally maintained and always ready to use when you need it.

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A gunite pool is a popular option in places like Texas with generally warmer climates. It’s important to keep it properly cleaned and maintained for optimal use and life. Keep your pool in peak condition with these gunite pool maintenance tips or let Aquascapes do it for you.

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