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Building a pool in your yard is a great way to enhance your outdoor living space and have a place to unwind and spend quality time with family and loved ones. While you may be more excited about the many pool water features available, during the pool construction phase, it’s also a good idea to consider some pool safety features for when the pool is finished and ready for hours of swimming fun. [bctt tweet=”Getting ready to have your new pool constructed? Here are 4 pool safety features to consider to keep your family safe after the pool is complete.” via=”no”]

Which Pool Safety Features Can Help Keep Your Family Safe?

Splashing around in the swimming pool is fun for the whole family, but it can become dangerous if proper safety precautions aren’t met. In order to keep your family and others safe, there are a number of pool safety features, such as fences, pool alarms, and covers to help block off the area when adults aren’t around to supervise.

  1. Pool Alarms
  2. Perimeter Fences
  3. Safety Nets
  4. Safety Covers

1) Pool Alarms

Parental guidance and vigilance are primary in ensuring pool safety, so if you aren’t around, a pool alarm is a perfect way to ensure that little ones stay safe. There are many different types of pool alarms to consider depending on your budget, type of pool, and technical requirements.

ProTip: Pool alarms are a great tool that helps make your swimming area safer.

2) Perimeter Fences

Pool fences are another great option and more common way to ensure safety around pools. They are typically gate-locked and childproof. Perimeter fencing encloses a backyard pool, and if you choose to install it, also consider an alarm on the door in case a small child gains access to the pool area without adult supervision.

3) Safety Nets

A safety net is installed around the edges of the pool like a safety cover but made from netting, rather than solid construction. It is not designed to keep leaves and debris out of the pool but can prevent small children from falling in.

4) Safety Covers

If you are worried your children will find a way past a fence, a safety cover that sits directly over the water is another great solution. Safety covers for swimming pools serve two main purposes: to keep children or pets from accidentally falling into the pool and to cover your pool during the off-season.

Keeping Your Family Protected with Pool Safety Features

The most important rule when it comes to pool safety is that nothing can take the place of attentive adult supervision. It is also recommended that you become certified in CPR and keep lifesaving tools—such as a first aid kit, rescue hook, and life preserver—near the pool and easily accessible.

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