Top 5 Outdoor Updates to Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

Top 5 Outdoor Updates to Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

Top 5 Outdoor Updates to Completely Transform the Look of Your Home

If you could update or add 1 thing to your outdoor space, what would it be? Too often people treat their front and backyards as the frame around their home, wasting space that could be used to the home’s benefit. Your outdoor space can be functional and beautiful with the right updates. Click To Tweet

Why Bother With Outdoor Updates?

Whether you’ve had the same home for years or recently moved in, there are bound to be things you don’t love about it. Maybe you purchased a new construction and don’t like how barren the yard is, or perhaps your backyard just isn’t being utilized. Whatever your concern, updating your outdoor space can transform the entire look of your home.  

1) Custom Pool

A pool not only adds fun and function to your backyard but creates a stunning waterscape to enjoy year round. With options like waterfalls, slides, fountains and even fire, your pool can make you feel like you’re in a new house!

2) Patio or Deck Renovation

A patio or deck in disrepair can make your whole home seem like an eyesore. Similarly, a small slab of concrete can make a beautiful new home seem unfinished. Fix this issue by renovating your deck and patio, adding to a small patio or extending your deck to make it more practical for your family.

3) Outdoor Living Spaces

One of the biggest outdoor trends in this decade has been the popularity of outdoor living spaces. From an outdoor kitchen to a covered patio dining area, these additions can transform your backyard from drab to fabulous.

4) Landscaping Overhaul

Improving your home’s curb appeal with landscaping has a nearly 100% return on investment and makes a huge impact. It’s a very wise investment to make both for your personal enjoyment, and for the dramatic difference it can make in the appearance of your home.

5) Add Privacy

Most homeowners prefer a home with a fence. The most popular fences are wood or iron, and the addition of a privacy fence can greatly improve the look of your home. No more prying eyes while you soak in your spa!

Form and Function

It’s never smart to neglect the outdoor space around your home. This property is another opportunity to expand your home’s living space.

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Creative Backyard Privacy Options For Your Home

Creative Backyard Privacy Options For Your Home

Sunshine and warm temperatures are now beckoning you and your family outside, so it’s important that you’re able to enjoy your backyard without worrying about curious neighbors. There are many ways to create privacy in your backyard, from perimeter plantings to fences, stone walls, or garden structures. Click To Tweet

Backyard Privacy Options

Finding a privacy solution isn’t a one size fits all endeavor. Perhaps you need full yard coverage, or simply need to block one side of your yard.  Whatever your needs, you’re going to need to create privacy in one form or another. Here are some helpful tips:

Natural Privacy

Property-line plantings can provide year-round screening and shade. Where space is limited, opt for fast-growing evergreens like Italian cypress and arborvitae can provide a simple solution for separating property lines. Planting a mix of deciduous or evergreen trees, shrubs, and perennials create a natural look, particularly if you layer them.

Fence or Wall

A traditional wood fence comes in various styles to complement the architecture of your home. A fence might solve the privacy problem, but it’s not always the most beautiful solution. To break up the plain appearance, add an open lattice top, and planting flowering or climbing plants in front to soften the stark wood. Iron or brick fencing and border walls are also elegant alternatives to wood.


Adding a beautiful custom pergola created dimension and privacy in your backyard. It can turn a hot tub into a private soaking area, or a dining set into an al fresco outdoor dining room. Add climbing vines to create a natural Tuscan feel to your outdoor living area.

Maintain Audio Privacy

Even if you can’t actually see the neighbors, you may still be close enough to hear their conversations or backyard ruckus. Maybe you’re tired of the constant traffic noise coming from nearby. Adding an outdoor fountain to your yard or poolscape can mask unwanted sounds with pleasant white noise. Fountains not only create ambiance and tranquility but are beautiful to boot!

A Space of Your Own

Even if you love your neighbors, it’s nice to occasionally step outside without having to strike up a conversation. The whole point of a backyard is to create a safe outdoor living space for you to relax and entertain in. Whether you’re daydreaming of evening swims or private lounging by the pool, you should be able to enjoy your backyard in peace and privacy!

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3 Ways to Create Outdoor Sun Shade Areas in Your Backyard

3 Ways to Create Outdoor Sun Shade Areas in Your Backyard

The Texas heat can make summer days more than a little uncomfortable. If you have a wide open backyard, you may wonder how to create shade so you can enjoy your time outdoors. Sure, you can buy umbrellas or temporary shade screens, but that’s the problem…they’re temporary. You can provide shade structures for your backyard that add value and functionality to your outdoor space. Click To Tweet

Outdoor Sun Shade

Having a beautiful pool is the perfect way to cool off on hot days, but if there’s no shade in your backyard, no one will want to linger once they’re done swimming. You should provide guests with a shady spot to cool off, post-swim or just to spectate.

Pergola or Gazebo

A pergola or gazebo can be built onto your patio or can be a separate structure place further away from your house. It provides partial to moderate shade, but not the full coverage of a covered patio. It’s a great option to pair with natural shade trees for a more rustic look, or to grow vines around!

Covered Patio

A covered patio offers a bit more permanence and shade than a pergola. These are the go-to solution for protecting outdoor kitchens and outdoor living rooms, allowing guests to spend time outside even when the sun is beating down. Electric fans can be added inside covered patios, making them even cooler on hot days.

Natural Shade

Strategically placed trees and large shrubs can play a big role in providing shade in your backyard. Planted near your patio they provide plenty of natural shade on sunny days. Not only do they shield your yard from outside noises, but they make your backyard look lush and tropical. You should be careful planting trees too close to your pool, as they may drop leaves into it or damage it with root growth over time.

Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor living has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, making backyard upgrades a necessity for anyone looking to have an edge in the housing market. With the year-round good weather in Texas, there’s never been a better time to invest in your outdoor space than now!

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Outdoor Renovations Sure to Make the Neighbors Jealous

Outdoor Renovations Sure to Make the Neighbors Jealous

With summer upon you, you’ve probably noticed some outdoor elements in your own backyard that could use an update. Perhaps your decking is warped or damaged, or your pool lacks that WOW factor. You don’t need massive overhauls to make a huge impact on your backyard. Click To Tweet

Outdoor Renovations

Whether you’re going for a kid-friendly paradise or an elegant retreat, your style will be an important factor in choosing custom features to add to your pool. Take into account how you spend your time outside and what you want to use the space for the most.

Elegant Water Feature

A beautiful water feature can turn an ordinary pool into an elegant statement. A fountain, waterfall or scupper adds beauty and ambiance to any outdoor space. The noise of the water can also help drown out any nearby traffic or neighbors.

Fun For The Kids

If family fun is what you’re after, you may opt for bubblers or bridges, which make kids feel like they’re at a waterpark. Your backyard will likely become the neighborhood hangout, so be ready for company!

Updated Decking

Updating your decking will transform your entire backyard while enhancing the safety of those using your pool. Damaged wood decking can make for easy foot injuries or slips, and should be replaced every few years. Opt for unique, lasting material like stamped concrete or natural stone for more longevity.

Pulling It All Together

Renovating your outdoor space might require just a few small additions or a bigger project. Whatever you’re looking for, try to keep the big picture in mind. A beautiful pool surrounded by overgrown landscaping makes for an odd sight. Pull it all together, ensuring the end result is breathtaking.

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Creative Ideas for Hosting a Backyard Birthday Party

Creative Ideas for Hosting a Backyard Birthday Party

As the weather heats up, more and more inside activities are heading out. You can look forward to gathering with friends on hot summer days that stretch into warm summer nights. Parties are somehow more fun when they’re in the backyard, and are easier to clean up! But where do you start?

Planning a Backyard Birthday Party

When you’re planning a backyard birthday party, it’s essential to get your backyard party-ready! Spruce up landscaping, update your pool with a custom water feature or add a beautiful fire pit. Make sure your outdoor space is ready to impress and fit to entertain. No one wants to sweat the day away on a barren cement patio. Click To Tweet

Pick a Theme

The theme of your party will determine all the other decorations. For a Hawaiian theme, line chairs and tables with grass skirts and give each guest a handmade floral leia or crown as a party favor. For a beach theme, serve snacks and sauces out of beach buckets, and buy some fun inflatable flamingo pool rafts.

Provide Entertainment

If your backyard birthday party revolves around a beautiful pool, you’re already at an advantage. It will provide endless hours of entertainment to partygoers. For other games, cut several 2 x 4 boards into identical 12 inch pieces, then stack them for a life-sized game of Jenga! If your party is in the evening, use glow in the dark necklaces as rings for a game of Ring Toss. If your outdoor living space is equipped with a television, set up a karaoke game!

Keep Bugs at Bay

If you plan to party in the summer, remember that mosquitos and gnats will want to join the fun. Keep them at bay by providing bug spray, citronella candles and netting over food. To protect sugary drinks, simply place a cute cupcake wrapper over it and cut a hole for a straw.

Open Bar

Whether it’s drinks, burgers or s’mores, provide an accessible spread for guests to help themselves. This will also ensure that you don’t miss any of the fun! Stack platters, serving trays and baskets of various size and shape, using boxes hidden under cloth to stagger height. This not only looks good, but makes food and drinks easy to separate.

Ditch the Dishes

The last thing you want to do after the party’s over is do dishes for hours. Use ice cream cones for fruit cups or cake, line recyclable fruit containers with parchment paper to serve nachos or burgers, and opt for paper cups over glass or plastic.

A Party to Remember

One of the biggest perks of the popularity of outdoor living is that you no longer have to find a venue for birthday parties or special events. Instead, put that money into creating a breathtaking backyard, perfect for any get-together, and every day.

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Everything You Need for a Backyard Staycation

Everything You Need for a Backyard Staycation

Many people are opting to save money and forget the hustle and bustle of traveling for vacation. Instead, the staycation is becoming a popular choice for people on their vacation breaks. Rather than wasting money on flight and hotel accommodations, put that money into your backyard and make it the perfect place for relaxation, entertaining, and recreation.

Transform Your Backyard

While most of us think of yard work and chores when thinking about our backyard, there are simple ways to transform your outside living space into the perfect backyard oasis for a staycation. By following these top tips, you will have everything you need for a flawless backyard staycation.

Emphasis on Amenities

The ideal backyard staycation is all about amenities! A shady cabana or pool house offers a luxurious place to unwind and take a break. An outdoor kitchen or grill makes cooking dinner a breeze, and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is ideal to sit around with family and loved ones after the sun goes down. Add an outdoor splash pad, putting green, or yard games to keep boredom at bay and maximize your outdoor space. Click To Tweet

Bring the Indoors Out

Bringing a bit of the indoors out offers the perfect space for relaxing and enjoying the outside air. A comfortable sitting area with pillows, end tables, and lighting works as an extension of your home and offers a place to read, lounge, or chat with loved ones and friends.

Evening Magic

There is magic in a night sky, so what better way to enjoy it than to create an evening wonderland? Adding colorful mood lighting or relaxing around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace makes your backyard an all-hours destination. A night-time fire adds warmth and ambiance to your yard and those cooler nights.

Pool Features

There are plenty of features you can add to your pool to make your backyard staycation superb. Waterfalls, slides, bridges, scuppers, and other custom pool features are all ways to add beauty and value to your home. The sound of water rushing and bubbling is calming, as well as visually stunning.

Outdoor Dining

Your backyard staycation wouldn’t be complete without memorable meals! With an outdoor kitchen and dining, there is no reason to traipse back and forth to the house–everything is ready for you outside! Outdoor kitchens have refrigerators, counter space, and cooking surfaces. Fire up the grill for some barbeque and veggies, or serve up any meal with ease.

Your Dream Staycation

Your backyard is there for you to use and enjoy, and with these simple tips, you can transform your backyard into a dream staycation escape. Don’t waste time or money traveling for your vacation, everything you desire can be found right outside your back door.

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