Creative Ideas for Hosting a Backyard Birthday Party

As the weather heats up, more and more inside activities are heading out. You can look forward to gathering with friends on hot summer days that stretch into warm summer nights. Parties are somehow more fun when they’re in the backyard, and are easier to clean up! But where do you start?

Planning a Backyard Birthday Party

When you’re planning a backyard birthday party, it’s essential to get your backyard party-ready! Spruce up landscaping, update your pool with a custom water feature or add a beautiful fire pit. Make sure your outdoor space is ready to impress and fit to entertain. No one wants to sweat the day away on a barren cement patio. Click To Tweet

Pick a Theme

The theme of your party will determine all the other decorations. For a Hawaiian theme, line chairs and tables with grass skirts and give each guest a handmade floral leia or crown as a party favor. For a beach theme, serve snacks and sauces out of beach buckets, and buy some fun inflatable flamingo pool rafts.

Provide Entertainment

If your backyard birthday party revolves around a beautiful pool, you’re already at an advantage. It will provide endless hours of entertainment to partygoers. For other games, cut several 2 x 4 boards into identical 12 inch pieces, then stack them for a life-sized game of Jenga! If your party is in the evening, use glow in the dark necklaces as rings for a game of Ring Toss. If your outdoor living space is equipped with a television, set up a karaoke game!

Keep Bugs at Bay

If you plan to party in the summer, remember that mosquitos and gnats will want to join the fun. Keep them at bay by providing bug spray, citronella candles and netting over food. To protect sugary drinks, simply place a cute cupcake wrapper over it and cut a hole for a straw.

Open Bar

Whether it’s drinks, burgers or s’mores, provide an accessible spread for guests to help themselves. This will also ensure that you don’t miss any of the fun! Stack platters, serving trays and baskets of various size and shape, using boxes hidden under cloth to stagger height. This not only looks good, but makes food and drinks easy to separate.

Ditch the Dishes

The last thing you want to do after the party’s over is do dishes for hours. Use ice cream cones for fruit cups or cake, line recyclable fruit containers with parchment paper to serve nachos or burgers, and opt for paper cups over glass or plastic.

A Party to Remember

One of the biggest perks of the popularity of outdoor living is that you no longer have to find a venue for birthday parties or special events. Instead, put that money into creating a breathtaking backyard, perfect for any get-together, and every day.

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