6 Swimming Pool Ideas for a Creative Design

A swimming pool on its own already adds a lot to your home. But why settle for just a typical pool? An unconventional shape or eye-catching accessories could be the perfect finishing touch to your new backyard paradise. These swimming pool ideas will help you turn your new pool into a one-of-a-kind home addition!

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Popular Pool Concepts & Designs

Swimming pools come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Depending on how your backyard looks right now and your plans for any future designs, some of these pool styles may work better than others. Which of these popular ideas will look the best in your backyard?

  1. Modern
  2. Natural
  3. Illuminated
  4. Uniquely shaped
  5. Party-ready
  6. Tropical

1) Modern

Modern designs tend to focus on clean, defined shapes, particularly shapes with prominent corners or edges. A modern-style pool will likely be shaped like a rectangle and lined with a single neutral color. This clean, uniform style adds a touch of class to your backyard and is the perfect way to round out a simpler design.

2) Natural

For a natural-looking pool, homeowners prefer to channel a less artificial appearance. A pool in this style might be round or even serpentine in imitation of natural ponds or lakes. Add in a nearby flower garden and you have a natural pond transplanted into your backyard! A few nearby trees or a wooden pergola to shade the pool will complete the atmosphere.

Pro Tip: If plants will be growing near your pool, be diligent to scoop fallen leaves, bugs, flower petals, or other debris regularly to keep your pool filters from clogging.

3) Illuminated

This one works regardless of your final pool shape. A few strategically placed underwater LED lights give you a magical swimming experience, particularly after dark when the water illuminates from underneath. Imagine how an evening party will go with a lit-up pool!

4) Uniquely Shaped

Unconventional shapes for your pool, such as a serpentine or polygonal design, add a touch of personality to your backyard. A few particularly inventive homeowners may also consider an infinity pool, a pool where the water flows over an edge to create the illusion that the pool goes on forever or merges with the horizon. This is particularly a clever idea if your home is slightly elevated so it appears your pool ends in a waterfall. Different shapes and edging styles will give you a truly customized experience with your pool!

5) Party-Ready

If you know your family, friends, or neighbors love to hold parties in your yard, why not design a pool to accommodate them? Make the pool big and deep enough for everyone to fit, and don’t forget to add an outdoor kitchen or firepit to your overall design. Encourage everyone to come straight from the pool to a meal cooked outdoors over an open fire. Your friends are sure to love the new hangout spot!

6) Tropical

For a tropical experience in your backyard, start with a natural pool shape to mimic a tide pool on the beach. Line the shell with white or pale colors to emphasize the clear water. Lastly, if your backyard has room, add a few palm trees and beach chairs. Bring the island beach right to your house!

Completing Your Outdoor Living Space

Maybe this swimming pool is the finishing touch to your backyard, or maybe it’s just the first of many changes to your outdoor hangout spot. Whatever the case, make sure to begin this project with a good idea of what your finished pool will look like. This addition to your backyard is sure to be more than worth the wait!

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