Must-Have Backyard Water Features

Must-Have Backyard Water Features

Must-Have Backyard Water Features

Your backyard can be an incredible place to relax and unwind, have fun, and entertain guests. It’s the perfect setting to create an oasis away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Water features, in particular, are ideal for stepping up your outdoor living experience and enhancing every aspect.

The Value of Custom Backyard Water Features

Water features enhance relaxation and increase your fun and entertainment value. A pool is one thing, but a custom pool with custom features also gives you a chance to express your personality and style. You can create your own preview to paradise right in your backyard.

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1) Spas

One of the most popular custom features to add to your backyard getaway is a custom spa. Just imagine coming home from a long hard stressful day and retreating to your backyard for a relaxing soak in hot, bubbling water. Your very own custom spa would allow you this luxury every day.

Pro Tip: Custom spas provide the perfect entertainment for restless kids in the cold winter months.

2) Slides

What kid doesn’t love sliding down a waterslide? This is a great way to add a little fun to your outdoor living experience. It can blend into the design of your pool and other backyard features, and make a standard pool exciting.  

3) Waterfalls

The sound and sight of a beautiful waterfall is a calming, relaxing presence. The constant flow of water draws your ears and mind away from the noise of your day. Additionally, they form a wonderfully majestic backdrop for your pool set in stone.

4) Bubblers

A lesser-known option is the pool bubbler. Jets of water shoot up into the air and provide a backdrop of soothing water music. This unique way of adding movement to your pool works to draw your focus away from stress and worry.

5) Scuppers

Scuppers bring a touch of elegance and luxury to your backyard pool. This must-have feature allows water to flow into the pool from spouts, faucets, or other fixtures creating a calming and visually stunning effect. Transform your pool into a fountain of fun, relaxation, and extravagance with this popular feature.

Creating Your Backyard Get-Away

Having a pool and spa is a great start to extending your living areas to your backyard. Creating your very own backyard getaway is even better. Why not kick your outdoor living up a notch with one or several of these custom backyard water features? Your relaxation has never been more important.

Aquascapes is your Houston area source for custom backyard water features. To get started creating your own outdoor oasis or for other ways to improve your outdoor living, Contact Us.


5 Things Everyone Should Know About Owning a Pool

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Owning a Pool

What’s the one thing that makes a backyard feel like a tropical oasis? For most people, it’s a pool. The relaxation, beauty and summer fun is the appeal. Swimming pools are viewed as a luxury for some, and a necessity for others. Thinking about adding a pool to your backyard? Here are 5 things to keep in mind about pool ownership. Click To Tweet

Owning a Pool

Thinking about getting a pool? You should know that it’s not all fun and games. Here’s a list of 5 things you should know about pool ownership so you don’t just dive in without knowing what you’re getting into!

  1. Be Ready for Guests
  2. Increase Supervision
  3. Plan For Water
  4. A Neglected Pool is a Green Pool
  5. Features Are Fun

1) Be Ready for Guests

If you have teenagers, installing a pool in your backyard will make yours the cool house on the block. This means your house will likely become a popular destination for your children and their friends.

2) Increase Supervision

All those guests mean that you’ll have to beef up supervision of little ones. In a fenced in yard without a pool, you might have let your kids and their friends roam while you watched TV or made dinner. A pool requires an additional level of supervision, either consisting of an older sibling, parent or babysitter.

3) Plan For Water

Obviously, your pool will use a lot of water, but one thing people fail to think about until after construction is complete is how much water gets tracked into your house. Plan ahead and install a covered patio, pool house or outdoor lounge area to encourage swimmers to dry off outside, instead of making puddles inside!

4) A Neglected Pool is a Green Pool

With the rain and humidity in North Houston, your pool will need weekly maintenance. Without it, you’ll notice it take on an unhealthy greenish hue.

Pro Tip: A pool requires weekly testing and maintenance to keep your water sparkling and clear. Neglect this and you’ll end up with green water!

5) Features Are Fun

When you’re building a pool, take some time to explore the custom features available to you. It’s not impossible to add these later, but generally speaking, it’s easier to incorporate them into the original design and construction. There are so many options, from waterfalls and scuppers to bridges and fire pits.

Years of Outdoor Enjoyment

Everybody wants to have a swimming pool in their own backyard, and many have reached a point in life where this dream can become a reality. It’s important to remember that this expensive investment is a big responsibility. It will provide years of fun, entertainment, and beauty, but it takes a little work and care.

Contact Us to learn more about building a pool in the North Houston area.

Why Your Backyard Needs Hardscape Design

Why Your Backyard Needs Hardscape Design

So you’ve finally decided to give your backyard the attention it deserves. Congrats! Outdoor living spaces are more popular (and practical) than ever. While some elements are no-brainers (pool, patio) some take a bit more thought. How will you tie your pool and patio together? Will there be any secondary lounging or conversation locations around the yard? Hardscape isn’t usually at the forefront of people’s minds when updating their backyard, but here’s why it should be! Click To Tweet

Hardscape Design

The grounds around your home make the first impression on guests and passersby. Updating a drab or outdated backyard is a great investment and can make your home a destination for friends and family. Hardscape design refers to the elements in your outdoor design that are not living (stone, pavers, patio, walkways, retaining walls, etc.). Your backyard needs a combination of hardscape and landscaping to achieve a good visual balance.

Communicates a Theme

Hardscapes can be relaxed or formal, but the best ones convey a well-defined style and theme. Think of a phrase that describes your vision and stick with it. After selecting your style, choose materials that complement your home’s interior and exterior. You don’t want to have to look at a hardscape with all one color or material, just as you don’t want anything dramatically different than the rest of your home. Here are some ideas for a theme:

  • Grecian garden
  • Tuscan vineyard
  • Modern minimalism
  • Beachside bungalow

Incorporates Your Pool

A backyard with a pool is good, but a backyard with a pool and beautifully executed landscape and hardscape design is great. If you install a pool without thought to the rest of the space, the result could lack cohesion. A thoughtfully designed patio, outdoor living area, pool and landscape with hardscape will give you the most bang for your buck

Pro Tip: Use hardscape and landscape to tie together the various zones of your backyard, making a cohesive design.

Go With a Professional

Successful hardscape design and installation depend on having a landscape designer who knows your style. If you’re embarking on a project that involves a structural wall or a hill with stability issue, you’ll want a team of professional handling it. They’ll be able to prevent serious damage.

Contact Us to learn more about designing a breathtaking backyard. Use our outdoor living gallery to inspire your pool and hardscape design.

A Designer’s Guide to Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

A Designer’s Guide to Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

No matter what kind of home you live in, having access to outdoor space is a luxury. As an extension of your home, a beautiful outdoor living space makes for a warm-weather destination for entertaining friends and family. It also provides a private oasis for you to relax after a long day at the office. Have you been dreaming of a backyard fit for relaxation and entertaining? Here's a guide to make that dream a reality! Click To Tweet

Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space

Ask yourself some basic questions before you seek out pool and landscape designers. What do you want out of the yard? A pool for the kids, a cozy retreat for mom and dad, or maybe an entertaining patio? What materials do you like? Once you have a rough idea of what you want, it’s time to move forward with a professional.

The Plan

A comprehensive plan provides a birds-eye view of your overall project, which can be implemented in logical steps. Your steps will eliminate the need to do it all at once. You’ll be able to work on one area at a time, but always thinking ahead. For example, if you’re redoing your patio and think you may eventually want to add an outdoor kitchen, don’t wait to install the gas hookup. It’s more cost-effective to do ti when the ground is already dug up.

Pro Tip: Consider future additions when designing a pool or patio, so that your designer can install hookups for an outdoor kitchen, or space for a pergola.

The Patio

The right patio design can provide a lot of room for living and dining areas. The trick is creating a flexible layout with places to eat and relax that’s also an extension of the yard. Try to maintain an open area in the center of the patio to encourage safe traffic flow. Avoid heavy furniture that can’t be easily moved around to accommodate different sized crowds. If you spend a lot of time entertaining outdoors, you may want to consider a covered patio extension or an outdoor kitchen, to maximize the time you can spend outdoors.

The Pool

Your swimming pool area should marry fun and function, so make it a welcoming and whimsical space that remains highly functional for outdoor entertaining. Custom pool features like slides, waterfalls and fire pits can be added to your pool for an extra dose of drama. Go big with accessories, with substantial chaises for poolside lounging and a hefty table for alfresco dining. Remember that your poolside and patio furnishings should express the same style as the rest of your home.

Look at the Big Picture

Could your backyard use a facelift? Don’t make the mistake of slapping a cement patio down as time and adding to it slowly. Instead, consider the space from a big picture stance, from how you want to use the yard to how much time you spend there. Often you’ll find that a short-term investment can pay off in long-term enjoyment, use and improved home value.

Contact Us to learn more about designing the backyard of your dreams before next summer. Browse our gallery of outdoor designs in Houston and the surrounding areas to inspire you!

The 5 Most Unique Pool Design Features

The 5 Most Unique Pool Design Features

The warm weather in Texas is meant to be spent poolside. If you’re considering adding a pool to your backyard, you’ll want to consider size, shape and style. You don’t have to settle for a rectangle or kidney bean-shaped pool. With a little imagination, you can create a completely unique pool design unlike any other! Want a pool that's totally unique to you? Here are some amazing design features to set your pool apart. Click To Tweet

Pool Design Features To Impress

It seems that more and more residential pools are mimicking the high-end finishes and design features once reserved for fancy hotel pools.

  1. Tanning Ledge
  2. Beach Entry
  3. Swim-Up Bar
  4. Fire Features
  5. Lazy Rizer

1) Tanning Ledge

Tanning ledge is typically around 5 feet by 10 feet and only an average of 18 inches deep. Specialty tanning chairs can be placed semi-underwater to allow you to stay cool while you layout, but in addition to that, the shallow area on a tanning ledge is a safe place for your kids to enjoy the cool water on a hot day.

2) Beach Entry

A beach entry is reminiscent of the gradual slope down into the water that you would experience at the ocean. This requires something of a deeper pool, but many parents love it for small kids, and for its unique look.

3) Swim-Up Bar

Nothing says luxury quite like enjoying an adult beverage right in your own pool bar! Whether you create a grotto bra underneath a waterfall, or simply add stools and a ledge to your pool design there’s no limit to the creative ways you could design your bar.

4) Fire Features

There is something both luxurious and romantic about implementing fire features into your pool design. The flames reflecting off the water are soothing and tranquil at night, and provide light to those moving around the pool.

5) Lazy Rizer

The lazy river, once reserved for water parks only, has become residential. You can incorporate into the design of your pool, or do a giant lazy river that meanders around your entire property.

Pro Tip: The key to designing a one of a kind pool is working with a professional pool builder.

A Pool With Personality

Whether you’re building a new pool or renovating an existing pool, there’s no limit to what you can do. Working with a professional designer will get you the best results, and a pool to love for years to come.

Contact Us to learn more about building a beautiful, custom pool this year.

Creating a Backyard Destination: Outdoor Fire Features

Creating a Backyard Destination: Outdoor Fire Features

Wouldn’t you love to come home to a calming, peaceful outdoor oasis? A custom pool is a great place to start, but don’t stop there. Enhance your backyard with a custom outdoor fire feature. Imagine sitting around the pool watching the flames reflect off the water. Magic! Fire features add an undeniable ambiance of excitement to any backyard. Click To Tweet

Choosing the Right Outdoor Fire Features

Fire features add ambiance, warmth, and light to your backyard activities. Whether you’re gathered with friends and family, warming yourself on cool nights, or stargazing, modern fire elements are safe, beautiful and easy to operate. Depending on space and budget, here are 3 good options:


Typical inside many homes, the fireplace is a classic choice. Perfect for multiple people, this popular option creates a romantic, cozy setting for intimate gatherings with friends and family. These fireplaces are enclosed and easy to use even on windy nights. You can choose between natural gas, propane, or wood burning fireplaces with a variety of styles and functions. An outdoor fireplace is sure to become a rustic focal point in your backyard.

Fire Pit

This option is ideal for entertaining large groups and evokes the feeling of sitting around a campfire. It can be low to the ground or set into a foundation to provide elevation. It can be made from a variety of materials including brick, stone, or concrete. A built-in firepit provides a more upscale appearance than a portable one. If you host a lot of parties or are looking for a place to gather, this may be a good option for you.

Fire Bowl

Another great option for entertaining, a fire bowl adds a dash of modern flair. They’re usually made of copper, concrete, steel, cast iron, or bronze and often come with legs and a mesh cover. Fueled by natural gas, propane, wood, or clean-burning gel, you can choose based on the type of flame and smell you’d prefer. Some are even designed to accommodate grilling. They come in a variety of sizes and designs, from very basic to downright opulent. Opt for one that’s filled with colored fiberglass, lava rock, and other fire-retardant decorative fillers, or go for a rustic design with a copper bowl and iron details.

The Perfect Detail

Outdoor fire features are the perfect element to bring warmth, luxury, and light to your backyard. Whether you want a rustic fireplace or modern glass fire bowl, Aquascapes has something for every taste.

Contact Us to learn more about our custom fire features and other outdoor living options. To get inspired, visit our custom features gallery.