Questions & Answers to Help You Find the Perfect Houston Pool Builder

Questions & Answers to Help You Find the Perfect Houston Pool Builder

Questions & Answers to Help You Find the Perfect Houston Pool Builder

Ready to finally get that pool for your backyard? Congratulations! This is an exciting time for any homeowner. But don’t rush into the deal without making sure you’re getting the best possible price and quality for your pool.

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Answers to Look For

The best pool builder for your project should have at least an approximate answer for any question you may throw at them. During the negotiation phase, discuss the details of what you want and see what the builder can provide for you. A few important questions to keep in mind include:

  1. Can they build custom features?
  2. What repairs or warranty do they offer?
  3. How much maintenance will you need to do yourself?
  4. How long will the project take?
  5. What past work have they done?
  6. Are their licenses up to date?
  7. What will the complete project cost?

1) Can They Build Custom Features?

The ideal answer to look for here is not an immediate “Yes,” but rather the question “What custom features do you have in mind?” This indicates that the pool builder wants to work with you to decide on particular decorative or functional features for your pool. More importantly, an immediate affirmative answer can indicate the contractor is in a hurry to get you to stop asking questions and start paying him, rather than taking the time to actually listen to you.

2) What Repairs or Warranty Do They Offer?

An outdoor pool will inevitably need regular professional maintenance or, on rare occasions, emergency repairs. Without a warranty or other guarantee, the costs of these repairs can come out of your pocket and add even more money to your pool project. Ask for a copy of the pool builder’s warranty, read every word of it, and ask questions until you’re satisfied. Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

Pro Tip: Between your warranty and your pool contract, you should have all the information you need about your upcoming project. Make sure to read both in detail!

3) How Much Maintenance Will You Need to Do Yourself?

Fortunately, not every problem with your pool requires calling in an expert. Minor repairs and typical cleaning are probably simple enough for you to handle without trouble. However, don’t expect yourself to do all the work. If something isn’t mentioned in the warranty, ask about it. Additionally, consider day-to-day work your pool may need. Will you need to change filters regularly, or just scoop bugs or leaves out of the water?

4) How Long Will the Project Take?

This question depends on a lot of factors, so don’t be surprised if the pool builder can’t give you a very detailed answer. However, they should have at least an approximate idea. For instance, they should know that a gunite pool takes 5-7 weeks to install, dependent on delays and environmental factors. Don’t expect a precise answer. Instead, look for an answer that reflects realistic expectations for the pool you want.

5) What Past Work Have They Done?

Any reputable pool builder can show you a portfolio of completed projects and positive testimonials from previous customers. If your pool builder never shows you either and you can’t find anything for them online, they may be scamming you. Ask for a portfolio and look the company up yourself to make sure you’ve found someone dependable.

6) Are Their Licenses Up to Date?

Every construction company needs licenses or affiliations to display their competency. A legitimate pool company will either display their licenses prominently on their website or make them available for review upon request. Anyone who does neither is likely to be dishonest and trying to continue pool construction on an outdated or retracted license. Look online for their licenses, and if you can’t find one, ask for a copy.

7) What Will the Complete Project Cost?

Similar to the question of time, you may not get an exact number at first, especially if you aren’t completely sure what you want for your pool yet. But your pool builder should be able to estimate a price based off what you know for certain. Unless you make drastic changes to your pool plan, the total price shouldn’t change too much.

Find Someone You Can Trust

A swimming pool is a massive addition to your house, and you deserve to work with a trustworthy pool builder. Don’t be afraid to keep asking questions and weigh your options before deciding for sure. After all, the builder isn’t the one who will end up getting the new pool in the end!

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7 Questions to Ask Your Houston Pool Builder Before Construction

7 Questions to Ask Your Houston Pool Builder Before Construction

In Houston, it’s a given that most families will want a pool ready and available for the summer. The idea of transforming your backyard into an outdoor oasis can be fun and exciting, but the process can be unnerving if you’re not 100% sure of what’s going on with the construction side of things.

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What Should Your Pool Builder Tell You Beforehand?

An experienced Houston pool builder should be able to answer any questions you may have before, during, and after the construction process. You’ll want to make a point of asking the most important questions before construction begins so that you have a clear idea of what your pool building team will be doing and what you can expect from the process.

  1. How experienced is your business?
  2. Do you have references to call?
  3. What sort of products will you be using?
  4. Do you offer warranties?
  5. What do you recommend for my backyard?
  6. Do you offer special features?
  7. Will you keep the pool maintained afterward?

1) How experienced is your business?

Your pool builder should be comprised of a team of experts on all things planning, excavation, and plumbing. How many years have they been building these pools? After confirming that the builders you choose to work with are properly certified and permitted to build the pool on your land, it’s good to get to know the team you’ll be working with and see how experienced they are.

2) Do you have references to call?

An experienced pool contractor should have plenty of other work they’ve done in their portfolio. If they’re confident in the work that they do, they’ll be more than happy to provide you with references to call. Getting in touch with these references will give you some extra insight into what working with your pool builder will be like.

Pro Tip: Ask your pool builder’s references what their experience was like, if they had any issues, and if they could do anything differently if they had to do it again. There might be some things you hear from them that you never thought to consider.

3) What sort of products will you be using?

Building a swimming pool is a big home improvement project to start. Ask your pool construction team what sort of materials will be used to build your pool. Are they to make it more energy efficient? What are the costs to build it that way?

4) Do you offer warranties?

It’s a good idea to know what sort of services and warranties are available for your pool. If damages occur or if anything needs maintaining shortly after construction is completed, your pool company should be able to provide those fixes within a certain amount of time with no extra cost.

5) What do you recommend for my backyard?

Obviously, you’ll be telling your pool builder all about the vision you have for your new pool. However, try not to get too far ahead of yourself before asking their expert opinion on what will work the best for how your backyard is set up. Get their specialist advice beforehand and work with them on planning the pool’s layout.

6) Do you offer special features?

Chances are, your experienced pool builder has been building some of the same designs for years. Ask them if there are features you can add to your pool for a customized aesthetic. Waterfalls, slides, and bubblers are all great options that some don’t consider before construction begins.  

7) Will you provide maintenance afterward?

Finding a reliable company for pool maintenance can be difficult, so it might be easier to know that the team who built your pool from scratch can maintain it in the future. The pool designer will know exactly how to keep the type of pool that you have maintained properly and kept in tip-top shape.

Making Your Decision

When you’re looking to build a pool in Houston, don’t rush into anything until you’re confident in your decision to move forward with your pool builder. The quality that you will receive should be exactly what you’ve paid for, so be sure to understand what you’ll be getting throughout the construction process and what to expect in the end results.

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Pool Excavation: What to Expect on Dig Day

Pool Excavation: What to Expect on Dig Day

Getting ready for your very own inground pool in your backyard is exciting! Before jumping into the blue water to have some summer fun, you’ll need to prepare for the gritty work of pool excavation. No new pool is going to instantly appear in your backyard ready to swim in, so what should you expect on dig day?

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Pool excavation is a messy job required in order to build your inground pool. There will be lots of machinery and noise, earth from your backyard being removed, and delays to be prepared for. Here’s what to expect during your new pool construction.

Prepare the Grounds for Digging

You will have to clear the backyard of any outdoor decorations, kids toys, and appliances beforehand. Before the actual digging process, the pool builders will lay out your pool’s design by placing wood stakes around the area to guide them in their process. If any children are home during this time, or if any pets are out in the yard, it’s best to have them stay inside until the excavation is complete.

Lots of Mess and Lots of Noise

Your backyard is going to look like one big mess before it looks like the beautiful pool you imagined. The excavation process is loud and unnerving, with machinery working to dig the hole into your yard. Lots of earth will be pulled out of the ground and taken away by a dump truck.

Pro Tip: Planning to have a new pool built in your backyard? You may want to let your neighbors know beforehand of the noise to come, just to be courteous.

Be Prepared for Potential Delays

You won’t know what’s under the ground in your backyard until you find it. There could potentially be rock or groundwater under the area where your pool is being built. These are things that can be fixed and overcome, but will just take a little longer to achieve your desired result. Unruly weather can also affect your dig day and delay the process, so pay attention to the season you are planning the excavation process for.

Enjoy Your New Houston Outdoor Oasis

Now that you’ve survived the dreadful sights and sounds of pool excavation, you’re ready to enjoy the fun process of setting up your new outdoor entertainment area. With expert pool builders at your side through the process, your inground pool will be ready for summer fun in no time!

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Is it Time for a Pool Rebuild/Revamp?

Is it Time for a Pool Rebuild/Revamp?

That time of year when the skies are clear and grills are sizzling is on its way! If you’re worried about having the perfect pool for this summer, it may be time to consider an in-ground pool renovation. What are some signs that now is the perfect time to revamp your pool?

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Will you need some quick fixes or a complete rebuild? If your pool is showing signs of wear and tear, it will need to be updated to prevent any more damage in the future. If you’re simply looking for a new pool design and appearance, there are plenty of ways to revamp your pool’s style. Here are some reasons to consider big changes to your in-ground pool:

Damages Are Affecting Your Pool

It might be more beneficial for you to completely rebuild your in-ground pool rather than continuing to fix the damages that it already has. Renovating your pool will not only leave it looking better, but it will ensure that your pool is properly built and designed, so you can relax. Weekly pool maintenance will be much easier with all of its parts running up-to-speed.

You’re Not Totally Happy With Its Appearance

Maybe you loved the pool when you first bought the house, but now your tastes have changed and you’re making some adjustments to your outdoor area. You can revamp your pool to suit your needs with custom features such as waterfalls, slides, and bubblers. Adding a hot tub might be the perfect addition that ties it all together for you.

Pro Tip: Give your pool builder as much detail as possible for your outdoor vision. They can help turn your dreams into reality.

Outdated Safety Features Are An Issue

It’s easy to forget about the safety features being a necessary component of your pool. You always want to be sure that your pool is safe enough for the kids to be using this summer. An older pool’s safety features may be out of date and in need of a drastic upgrade. Renovating your pool will ensure that it’s made with all of the latest and safest features to keep the fun going all summer long.

Dive Into Your New Pool

If these scenarios apply to your in-ground pool, consider rebuilding soon to get a jump start on the summer fun!

Want to learn more about renovating your pool for the summer? Connect with us to speak with a specialist and get started on your pool redesign or renovation.

5 Outdoor Living Goals to Set for 2019

5 Outdoor Living Goals to Set for 2019

2019 has arrived and with it, the opportunity to set new goals for the New Year! A little preparation now will allow you to transform your outdoor living space in the coming months. It’s easy to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams when you set these 5 outdoor living goals for the new year. Click To Tweet

Your Outdoor Living Goals

Your backyard is an extension of your home and functional outdoor living spaces are top on the list of what people are looking for in new homes. This new year is the perfect time to make upgrades and transform your backyard into your dream oasis. Here are five easy ways to achieve your outdoor living goals in the new year.

Deck Renovation

An old and outdated deck or patio can make your outdoor space look like an eyesore. Create a fresh new look by renovating your deck or by extending it to make it a perfect place for family and friends to spend time.

Fresh Landscaping

The addition of landscaping can take your backyard from boring to breathtaking! Not only will fresh landscaping make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal, but it also creates a space for personal enjoyment. You can never go wrong adding landscaping to any outdoor living space!

Custom Pool

What better way to create the yard of your dreams than by adding a custom pool! A pool not only adds fun and function to your backyard but also creates a stunning waterscape to enjoy year round. With water feature options like waterfalls, slides, fountains, your pool can make your backyard feel like a whole new living space.

Outdoor Kitchen Addition

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your outdoor living space is to add an outdoor kitchen your yard– especially if you love to cook and entertain.

ProTip: An outdoor kitchen (and dining area) can be the perfect new focal point of your yard and offers even more ways to spend time outside.

Add a Spark

To create an instant outdoor oasis in your backyard is to add an outside fireplace or fire pit! Choose from a custom built fireplace or enjoy a fire pit, which comes in every shape and style you can imagine. In addition to providing heat and a comforting place to sit and relax, your new fire feature can also be another option to cooking up some tasty food, too.

Set Your Outdoor Living Goals for 2019

Setting your outdoor living goals now will allow you to upgrade your backyard without feeling rushed. Whether you’re building a brand new outdoor space or improving on an existing one, start early and plan ahead to set you up for success!

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Why Your Backyard Needs Hardscape Design

Why Your Backyard Needs Hardscape Design

So you’ve finally decided to give your backyard the attention it deserves. Congrats! Outdoor living spaces are more popular (and practical) than ever. While some elements are no-brainers (pool, patio) some take a bit more thought. How will you tie your pool and patio together? Will there be any secondary lounging or conversation locations around the yard? Hardscape isn’t usually at the forefront of people’s minds when updating their backyard, but here’s why it should be! Click To Tweet

Hardscape Design

The grounds around your home make the first impression on guests and passersby. Updating a drab or outdated backyard is a great investment and can make your home a destination for friends and family. Hardscape design refers to the elements in your outdoor design that are not living (stone, pavers, patio, walkways, retaining walls, etc.). Your backyard needs a combination of hardscape and landscaping to achieve a good visual balance.

Communicates a Theme

Hardscapes can be relaxed or formal, but the best ones convey a well-defined style and theme. Think of a phrase that describes your vision and stick with it. After selecting your style, choose materials that complement your home’s interior and exterior. You don’t want to have to look at a hardscape with all one color or material, just as you don’t want anything dramatically different than the rest of your home. Here are some ideas for a theme:

  • Grecian garden
  • Tuscan vineyard
  • Modern minimalism
  • Beachside bungalow

Incorporates Your Pool

A backyard with a pool is good, but a backyard with a pool and beautifully executed landscape and hardscape design is great. If you install a pool without thought to the rest of the space, the result could lack cohesion. A thoughtfully designed patio, outdoor living area, pool and landscape with hardscape will give you the most bang for your buck

Pro Tip: Use hardscape and landscape to tie together the various zones of your backyard, making a cohesive design.

Go With a Professional

Successful hardscape design and installation depend on having a landscape designer who knows your style. If you’re embarking on a project that involves a structural wall or a hill with stability issue, you’ll want a team of professional handling it. They’ll be able to prevent serious damage.

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