Is it Time for a Pool Rebuild/Revamp?

Is it Time for a Pool Rebuild/Revamp?

Is it Time for a Pool Rebuild/Revamp?

That time of year when the skies are clear and grills are sizzling is on its way! If you’re worried about having the perfect pool for this summer, it may be time to consider an in-ground pool renovation. What are some signs that now is the perfect time to revamp your pool?

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Will you need some quick fixes or a complete rebuild? If your pool is showing signs of wear and tear, it will need to be updated to prevent any more damage in the future. If you’re simply looking for a new pool design and appearance, there are plenty of ways to revamp your pool’s style. Here are some reasons to consider big changes to your in-ground pool:

Damages Are Affecting Your Pool

It might be more beneficial for you to completely rebuild your in-ground pool rather than continuing to fix the damages that it already has. Renovating your pool will not only leave it looking better, but it will ensure that your pool is properly built and designed, so you can relax. Weekly pool maintenance will be much easier with all of its parts running up-to-speed.

You’re Not Totally Happy With Its Appearance

Maybe you loved the pool when you first bought the house, but now your tastes have changed and you’re making some adjustments to your outdoor area. You can revamp your pool to suit your needs with custom features such as waterfalls, slides, and bubblers. Adding a hot tub might be the perfect addition that ties it all together for you.

Pro Tip: Give your pool builder as much detail as possible for your outdoor vision. They can help turn your dreams into reality.

Outdated Safety Features Are An Issue

It’s easy to forget about the safety features being a necessary component of your pool. You always want to be sure that your pool is safe enough for the kids to be using this summer. An older pool’s safety features may be out of date and in need of a drastic upgrade. Renovating your pool will ensure that it’s made with all of the latest and safest features to keep the fun going all summer long.

Dive Into Your New Pool

If these scenarios apply to your in-ground pool, consider rebuilding soon to get a jump start on the summer fun!

Want to learn more about renovating your pool for the summer? Connect with us to speak with a specialist and get started on your pool redesign or renovation.

5 Outdoor Living Goals to Set for 2019

5 Outdoor Living Goals to Set for 2019

2019 has arrived and with it, the opportunity to set new goals for the New Year! A little preparation now will allow you to transform your outdoor living space in the coming months. It’s easy to create the outdoor oasis of your dreams when you set these 5 outdoor living goals for the new year. Click To Tweet

Your Outdoor Living Goals

Your backyard is an extension of your home and functional outdoor living spaces are top on the list of what people are looking for in new homes. This new year is the perfect time to make upgrades and transform your backyard into your dream oasis. Here are five easy ways to achieve your outdoor living goals in the new year.

Deck Renovation

An old and outdated deck or patio can make your outdoor space look like an eyesore. Create a fresh new look by renovating your deck or by extending it to make it a perfect place for family and friends to spend time.

Fresh Landscaping

The addition of landscaping can take your backyard from boring to breathtaking! Not only will fresh landscaping make a huge impact on your home’s curb appeal, but it also creates a space for personal enjoyment. You can never go wrong adding landscaping to any outdoor living space!

Custom Pool

What better way to create the yard of your dreams than by adding a custom pool! A pool not only adds fun and function to your backyard but also creates a stunning waterscape to enjoy year round. With water feature options like waterfalls, slides, fountains, your pool can make your backyard feel like a whole new living space.

Outdoor Kitchen Addition

One of the easiest ways to upgrade your outdoor living space is to add an outdoor kitchen your yard– especially if you love to cook and entertain.

ProTip: An outdoor kitchen (and dining area) can be the perfect new focal point of your yard and offers even more ways to spend time outside.

Add a Spark

To create an instant outdoor oasis in your backyard is to add an outside fireplace or fire pit! Choose from a custom built fireplace or enjoy a fire pit, which comes in every shape and style you can imagine. In addition to providing heat and a comforting place to sit and relax, your new fire feature can also be another option to cooking up some tasty food, too.

Set Your Outdoor Living Goals for 2019

Setting your outdoor living goals now will allow you to upgrade your backyard without feeling rushed. Whether you’re building a brand new outdoor space or improving on an existing one, start early and plan ahead to set you up for success!

Contact us to learn more ways to achieve your outdoor living goals in 2019.

Why Your Backyard Needs Hardscape Design

Why Your Backyard Needs Hardscape Design

So you’ve finally decided to give your backyard the attention it deserves. Congrats! Outdoor living spaces are more popular (and practical) than ever. While some elements are no-brainers (pool, patio) some take a bit more thought. How will you tie your pool and patio together? Will there be any secondary lounging or conversation locations around the yard? Hardscape isn’t usually at the forefront of people’s minds when updating their backyard, but here’s why it should be! Click To Tweet

Hardscape Design

The grounds around your home make the first impression on guests and passersby. Updating a drab or outdated backyard is a great investment and can make your home a destination for friends and family. Hardscape design refers to the elements in your outdoor design that are not living (stone, pavers, patio, walkways, retaining walls, etc.). Your backyard needs a combination of hardscape and landscaping to achieve a good visual balance.

Communicates a Theme

Hardscapes can be relaxed or formal, but the best ones convey a well-defined style and theme. Think of a phrase that describes your vision and stick with it. After selecting your style, choose materials that complement your home’s interior and exterior. You don’t want to have to look at a hardscape with all one color or material, just as you don’t want anything dramatically different than the rest of your home. Here are some ideas for a theme:

  • Grecian garden
  • Tuscan vineyard
  • Modern minimalism
  • Beachside bungalow

Incorporates Your Pool

A backyard with a pool is good, but a backyard with a pool and beautifully executed landscape and hardscape design is great. If you install a pool without thought to the rest of the space, the result could lack cohesion. A thoughtfully designed patio, outdoor living area, pool and landscape with hardscape will give you the most bang for your buck

Pro Tip: Use hardscape and landscape to tie together the various zones of your backyard, making a cohesive design.

Go With a Professional

Successful hardscape design and installation depend on having a landscape designer who knows your style. If you’re embarking on a project that involves a structural wall or a hill with stability issue, you’ll want a team of professional handling it. They’ll be able to prevent serious damage.

Contact Us to learn more about designing a breathtaking backyard. Use our outdoor living gallery to inspire your pool and hardscape design.

How to Cool Your Pool This Summer

How to Cool Your Pool This Summer

There’s nothing worse than jumping into your inground pool on a hot summer day only to find that it’s the temperature of tepid bathwater. So disappointing! This is a common issue that many homeowners encounter after they’ve opted to forgo a chiller. It might be tempting to pass on the initial expense of a chiller, but the Texas heat can wreak havoc on your pool without it. Click To Tweet

Cool Your Pool With a Chiller

Just a 10-degree drop in pool temperature can cause your water’s chemical balance to be completely thrown off. Warm water requires more chemical to balance all the organisms that thrive in warmth.

How It Works

As your pool water circulates through the system, refrigerated airflow removes the heat from the water as it passes. The chilled water is then pumped back into your pool, maintaining refreshing water temps even on the hottest days.

Reversible Pump

Many heat pumps use a refrigerant to maintain a steady swimming pool water temperature. If your pool is set at 70 degrees and drops below that, it will heat circulating water up to get the temperature up. Alternately, a pool set at 70 degrees will be cooled if temperatures go above that.  It may be more beneficial to get a heat pump that can be reversed and used as a chiller to keep your swimming pool cool.

Always Ready

Without a heat pump in the winter and a chiller in the summer, you won’t be able to use your pool year round. It will fluctuate between too cold or too warm, with only a narrow window of perfect. Invest in a heat pump chiller and get the most out of your swimming pool!

Contact Us to learn more about the best system for your pool.

The Great Debate: Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools

The Great Debate: Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools

A clear, sparkling pool in the backyard can make it feel like you have your own island oasis. Taking a dip in the cool water is a refreshing escape from the summer heat. If you’re considering installing a pool in your backyard, you may be conflicted as to what kind to get. Saltwater or chlorine. Chlorinated pools have been around for more than 70 years, while salt water pools are still a recent invention. There are several notable differences between saltwater and chlorine pools, but which is best? Click To Tweet

Saltwater vs Chlorine Pools

The idea of a saltwater pool is a bit misleading, as it still contains chlorine. The actual salt content of a saltwater pool is quite low, at levels similar to human tears! The big difference between the 2 is that a saltwater pool uses salt that passes through a chlorinator and produces hypochlorous acid for sanitation through electrolysis. Chlorinated pools use the addition of chlorine tablets to sanitize the water.


The costs associated with a chlorinated pool are typically less than a saltwater pool. They are less expensive upfront and do not require a chlorinator or saltwater generator, which must run many hours per day in a saltwater pool.


Saltwater pools need to be drained annually and tested regularly to ensure that ph levels are normal. Chlorinated pools also require regular pH testing, but don’t need to be drained unless there’s a problem.


If you are considering renovating or converting a traditional chlorine pool to a saltwater system, keep in mind that salt is fairly corrosive. The salt water may have adverse effects to pool parts, such as the lighting, liner, and masonry. Surrounding landscaping may also be damaged by salt water.

Zodiak Fusion

Using zodiac fusion and adding ozone to a chlorinated pool can significantly and safely lower chlorine levels. The Zodiac fusion process introduces copper and silver ions to the water. Ozone acts as a super shock to kill bacteria and pathogens in the pool. This effectively lowers the amount of chlorine necessary to keep a chlorinated pool clean. Aquascapes uses both of these techniques in all chlorinated pools.

Contact Us to learn more about zodiak fusion and how it can optimize your pool.

5 Beautiful Ways to Make Your Pool Stand Out

5 Beautiful Ways to Make Your Pool Stand Out

As summer approaches, it’s finally time to start getting your pool ready to impress. Having friends and family around to enjoy your backyard escape can create lasting memories. There are many ways to make your pool stand out from the rest, from small changes like lighting, to complete renovations and landscaping. Your backyard is an extension of your home, so ensuring that your pool is part of a cohesive design will add value and beauty to the space. Click To Tweet

Make Your Pool Stand Out

Everyone with a pool dreams of having a beautiful backyard oasis. You want a space that feels inviting, beautiful and tranquil. You want places to sit, sounds to enjoy, and maybe a kitchen for summer meal prep. Whatever your vision, the right designer can make your dreams a reality.

1) Update Coping

If your pool is in generally good shape, but just needs a light renovation, swap out the old coping for something new. Coping is a cap for the edge of the pool, which is both functional and decorative. Adding tile to this creates visual interest and detail. Alternately, you may want to cover the coping by slightly extending your pool patio over the pool’s edge, creating a modern, seamless transition from patio to pool.

2) Add a Water Feature

Water features enhance your pool tremendously, by blocking outside noise and providing ambiance to your backyard. Waterfalls can be made of stacked natural stone, or scuppers can be built into the side of your pool for a sleek, cohesive design.

3) Fire

The fire pits of the past are mobile and separate from your pool. Modern fire pits can be built into pillars around your pool for an exquisite, breathtaking sight. A night swim with fire features is about as magical as it gets!

4) Outdoor Living Areas

A pool by itself is a tremendous asset to your backyard, but a pool with a shade structure and outdoor living room or kitchen will more than pay for itself. Outdoor living areas act as an extension of your home’s usable space, allowing for more comfortable entertaining and leisure. An outdoor kitchen will put the neighbors to shame and make your house the center of every Saturday afternoon.

5) Pergola

A pergola is the perfect shade structure to provide a private seating area or alfresco dining table. Plant climbing ivy or bougainvillea to really make it shine.  You can feature it front and center or tuck it away to encourage quiet conversations and relaxation.  

Time For A Change

If you’re tired of the sight that greets you when you look outside, it’s probably time for a change. Your pool should take your breath away and tempt you to go outside. Dressing up your pool with the right additions will dazzle guests and encourage outdoor entertaining and fun.

Contact Us to find out how to make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood!