Questions & Answers to Help You Find the Perfect Houston Pool Builder

Ready to finally get that pool for your backyard? Congratulations! This is an exciting time for any homeowner. But don’t rush into the deal without making sure you’re getting the best possible price and quality for your pool.

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Answers to Look For

The best pool builder for your project should have at least an approximate answer for any question you may throw at them. During the negotiation phase, discuss the details of what you want and see what the builder can provide for you. A few important questions to keep in mind include:

  1. Can they build custom features?
  2. What repairs or warranty do they offer?
  3. How much maintenance will you need to do yourself?
  4. How long will the project take?
  5. What past work have they done?
  6. Are their licenses up to date?
  7. What will the complete project cost?

1) Can They Build Custom Features?

The ideal answer to look for here is not an immediate “Yes,” but rather the question “What custom features do you have in mind?” This indicates that the pool builder wants to work with you to decide on particular decorative or functional features for your pool. More importantly, an immediate affirmative answer can indicate the contractor is in a hurry to get you to stop asking questions and start paying him, rather than taking the time to actually listen to you.

2) What Repairs or Warranty Do They Offer?

An outdoor pool will inevitably need regular professional maintenance or, on rare occasions, emergency repairs. Without a warranty or other guarantee, the costs of these repairs can come out of your pocket and add even more money to your pool project. Ask for a copy of the pool builder’s warranty, read every word of it, and ask questions until you’re satisfied. Make sure you know exactly what is covered and what isn’t.

Pro Tip: Between your warranty and your pool contract, you should have all the information you need about your upcoming project. Make sure to read both in detail!

3) How Much Maintenance Will You Need to Do Yourself?

Fortunately, not every problem with your pool requires calling in an expert. Minor repairs and typical cleaning are probably simple enough for you to handle without trouble. However, don’t expect yourself to do all the work. If something isn’t mentioned in the warranty, ask about it. Additionally, consider day-to-day work your pool may need. Will you need to change filters regularly, or just scoop bugs or leaves out of the water?

4) How Long Will the Project Take?

This question depends on a lot of factors, so don’t be surprised if the pool builder can’t give you a very detailed answer. However, they should have at least an approximate idea. For instance, they should know that a gunite pool takes 5-7 weeks to install, dependent on delays and environmental factors. Don’t expect a precise answer. Instead, look for an answer that reflects realistic expectations for the pool you want.

5) What Past Work Have They Done?

Any reputable pool builder can show you a portfolio of completed projects and positive testimonials from previous customers. If your pool builder never shows you either and you can’t find anything for them online, they may be scamming you. Ask for a portfolio and look the company up yourself to make sure you’ve found someone dependable.

6) Are Their Licenses Up to Date?

Every construction company needs licenses or affiliations to display their competency. A legitimate pool company will either display their licenses prominently on their website or make them available for review upon request. Anyone who does neither is likely to be dishonest and trying to continue pool construction on an outdated or retracted license. Look online for their licenses, and if you can’t find one, ask for a copy.

7) What Will the Complete Project Cost?

Similar to the question of time, you may not get an exact number at first, especially if you aren’t completely sure what you want for your pool yet. But your pool builder should be able to estimate a price based off what you know for certain. Unless you make drastic changes to your pool plan, the total price shouldn’t change too much.

Find Someone You Can Trust

A swimming pool is a massive addition to your house, and you deserve to work with a trustworthy pool builder. Don’t be afraid to keep asking questions and weigh your options before deciding for sure. After all, the builder isn’t the one who will end up getting the new pool in the end!

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